Player Data MySQL

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  • Supports all 5 characters
  • Sync life stats
  • Sync inventory
  • Sync position
  • Sync skills


  • MySQL Server


Initial Setup

  1. Add license key to ImperialLoader configuration
  2. Install database dependencies using om install OpenMod.EntityframeworkCore.MySql
  3. Run server and let configuration generate
  4. Setup MySQL database information

Migrating Existing Data

When changing a map, you may want to ensure that all players data is in the database before making the change. To do this, use the /migratedata <map> [override] The map parameter can be any valid folder name inside of Server/Players Override is a boolean value (true/false) that will determine if the data for existing players should be overridden.


/migratedata Russia true

/migratedata PEI false

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