Movement Modifier

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Want players to move slower with heavy armor? How about jump higher with certain guns?

Using this plugin, you can configure players to move slower with certain items, or faster with others. As well as many other modifications based on the configuration!


With Movement Modifier, you can change players' speeds, gravities, jump heights, and stamina costs based on which items are in their inventory or are equipped.

This plugin is Rocket-reloadable, allowing on-the-fly changes to its simple configuration.

Rather than running every frame, this plugin uses events to ensure zero lag caused by this plugin.

For more information on features and configuring this plugins, refer to the documentation site.


For more information on configuring this plugin, or to see the default config, refer to the documentation.

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Works great(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Sep 16, 2020

I made my swords give speed

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