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Notice: This plugin currently ONLY supports MySQLKits, support for other kit systems will be added in the near future


  • In Game Kit Preview
  • MySQLKits Support



Initial Setup

Be sure to have your kit system of choice setup and fully configured first

  1. Add license key to ImperialLoader configuration
  2. Install HyperPlugins.AI using om install HyperPlugins.AI command
  3. Install database dependencies using om install OpenMod.EntityframeworkCore.MySql om install Microsoft.EntityframeworkCore om install Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Tools om install System.Linq.Async
  4. Run server and let configuration generate

Scene Configuration

The scene is the position the player and loadout preview are set to during selection. In config.yaml this is defined under Scene:Preview for the character and Scene:Player for the player, to configure this scene, go to the desired position in-game and use command /pos your coordinates will be printed into chat and console. It is important to properly set the respective rotations. For player rotation use the Player Yaw: value, for the characters rotation use the Dummy Rot: value.


/loadouts Opens the loadout selection scene



User Reviews

Pretty nice but was hard to install(*)(*)(*)(*)( ) - Jun 5, 2023

If you have issues installing this, install the following packpages: om install HyperPlugins.AI om install OpenMod.EntityframeworkCore.MySql om install [email protected] om install [email protected] om install System.Linq.Async

Having a large cooldowns table in mysql kits might also cause the plugin to hang a bit, so remember to clear it

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