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Add a sleek UI for the hitmen on your server!

Using this plugin, players can place hits on other players and your hitmen will see the top hits with a nice UI.

This plugin is made for OpenMod, the successor of RocketMod. OpenMod supports all RocketMod plugins. Migrate to OpenMod now. Feel free to ask questions in the OpenMod Discord.


Players can simply use /hit to place hits on players. Hitmen need the Hitman:hitman permission in order to claim hits.

Players with the Hitman:ui permission will be able to see the UI. See the media on this page to view an example of the UI. You can choose to have the on the left or right hand side by changing the configuration.

For more information on features and configuring this plugins, refer to the documentation site.


  • /hit <player> <bounty> - Places a hit on the target player for the given amount. Requires the Hitman:commands.hit permission.

  • /hitsui - Toggles the Hitman UI. Requires the Hitman:commands.hitsui permission.


For information on configuring this plugin, or to see the default config, refer to the documentation.


  1. Run the following commands to install necessary libraries:
  • openmod install SilK.Unturned.Extras
  • openmod install OpenMod.EntityFrameworkCore.MySql
  1. Specify in your Imperial Plugins config the openmod branch.

  2. Add the following workshop ID to your WorkshopDownloadConfig.json file - 2419939859

  3. Change the connection string in your new Hitman/config.yaml file to allow Hitman to connect to your MySQL server.

Ask questions or get support in my Discord server


Original inspiration for this plugin comes from Teesxm of Game Ghost Servers.

User Reviews

Great Dev!(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Dec 2, 2021

Plugin works great! When it was not working the dev stepped right in to solve my issue. Even after it was fixed he helped me fix several other server issues that where not related to his plugin whatsoever. Nothing more i can say then 5 star Dev!

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Good (*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jul 23, 2021

So far works great I have had no issues

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Very good(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jul 2, 2021

VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!

0 out of 0 people found this helpful
Great Plugin(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jun 5, 2021

This Plugin Works Great and Support is Awesome

0 out of 0 people found this helpful
Amazing Support(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Apr 29, 2021

had lot's of troubles with this plugin but got amazing support from silk, overall a really nice to look at UI with new ability to put it onto the left ide of the screen

0 out of 0 people found this helpful

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