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When a player should die he is instead knocked, he fall on the floor and can't equip items, he can (or not depending of the config) move at a set speed

Quick look of main features of the plugin

  • You can disable screenshake/flich when hitted
  • Knock the player when he should die
  • An UI Appear to knocked with two choices : kill himself or call emergencies
  • When knocked you can't equip weapons or objects
  • Knocked players receives each x time damages
  • Knocked players move at a set speed (if the speed is set to 0 then they don't move)
  • Knocked players can be revived using various custom items and custom aids (medkit for example)
  • Knocked players can be revived using the revive stance
  • The reviving percentage is shown in a good looking slider
  • If the reviver looks away before the full revive then it's cancelled
  • You can fully customize each item which can revive
  • You can smoothly drag knocked players using Surrenderstop stance in front of them
  • A complete medics system with UI
  • You can set the maximum distance to be able to heal a knocked player
  • You can set if everyone can revive using stance and if a medic can revive using stance
  • You can set if everyone can drag and if a medic can drag

Ways to revive

You can set which items can revives:

  • ID of the Item
  • If it heals when used as an aid (with right mouse like a medkit)
  • Time this item takes to heal
  • HP that the revived will have
  • If the item can only be used by a medic role to be able to revive if usedAsAnAid is set to false then doing damages to someone with this item will start revive process and don't will deal any damage to the knocked

if you enable it inside your configurations.xml you can also revive using surrender gesture (can also set if only medics can revive with this stance

What happens if the knocked leaves ?

His stuff will drop and then his ID will be set into PlayersDisconnected.json and his stuff will be wipe when he rejoin


You can create inside configurations.xml various medic role :

  • You can set which rocket group is connected with this role
  • You can set how many time takes to heal a player using surrender stance
  • The amount of Uconomy or Experience the medic is paid for each revive (you can't be paid for reviving two times the same player)
  • The health the revived player will have All medics will be called when a player will press the "Call emergencies" button inside the UI which shows when you get knocked (a sound is also played to inform medics) There can be up to 4 notifications at the same time on the screen of the medical When a medic accept a request, the user is notified with a message and the waypoint is set to the knocked position, the medic will also receive a message telling to him the time for the knocked to die If the user dies then all the medics who took the request will be notified of his death

Dragging Sytem

You can drag players knocked with the surrender stop stance (surrender then crouch) Dragged players will follow you even in cars (they can't interact with anything) If you or the Dragged receives damages then the drag will interupt, you can interupt the drag when doing another gesture The dragging is smooth

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Great Plugin(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - May 18, 2024

Great plugin, very easy to setup and use support is amazing and just a great plugin overall

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