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Don't forget to enable CAPTIONS while watching the Youtube video The Medical system is a system that provides more realism to the EMS roles, which is often used on Roleplay servers.

When the player is hit, he falls to the ground instead of dying. Thus, any person (reviving times can be set in the config file) or someone from the EMS team can come and save the player from dying within a certain time. In addition, if there is no EMS in the game, the player's teammates can also remove the player (by giving first aid). Thus, the role in the game continues continuously.

Apart from the plain EMS reviving roles, you can also set the scalpel id from the config file and set the organ stealing feature. Thus, you can add illegal doctor roles to your server as a brand new feature.

Commands /revive - Revives a player (Admin command) Permission - revive

/stealorgan - Steals organ of a player Permission - can be adjusted from config

Configuration File


You can contact me on Discord at SydeFQ#0403.

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Nice plugin, Nice service(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jul 2, 2024

author is very nice and solved problems quickly. The plugin not only fulfils my basic needs, but it also adds more ways to play in the server.

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