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What is FQDeliverySystem? FQDeliverySystem is a RocketMod plugin for Unturned that allows players to take on missions and deliver items to locations on the map. Players can receive delivery missions from Job Locations, and must transport items across various distances. Successful deliveries earn rewards as in in-game currency.

Players who are on a mission cannot enter vehicles other than whitelisted or job vehicles to prevent abuse. Also players only with job permissions can start a specific job's mission.

(a) Missions can be 2 types:

  • Mission items placed on vehicle
  • Mission items placed inside vehicle's trunk

These two types can be specified in "addmission" command which is discussed down below.

How to setup the Plugin? You can watch this youtube video to understand how to create jobs and missions. https://youtu.be/pRuPjgc03U8

Commands Job Commands (For admins) /addjob [name] [permission] - Permission: addjob /addjoblocation [job id] [radius] - Permission: addjoblocation /addjobvehicle [job id] [vehicle id] - Permission: addjobvehicle /removejoblocation - **Permission: removejoblocation **

Whitelist Vehicle Commands (For admins) /addwhitelistedvehicle [vehicle id] - Permission: addwhitelistedvehicle

Create Mission Commands (For admins) /addmission [job id] [name] [reward] [radius] [(boolean) fromTrunk] - Permission: addmission (Check (a) for further information about "fromTrunk") /addmissionitem [job id] [mission id] [item id] [amount] - Permission: addmissionitem*

Mission Commands (For players) /mission [start/complete/cancel] - Permission: mission*

Note: Job and mission Id's can be found in Configuration file or it is provided when created.


Configuration & Translation Files



You can contact me on Discord at SydeFQ#0403.

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