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Give players access to specific locked doors through permissions!

Demo video coming soon!


  • Add permissions to doors, giving players access to them.
  • Players can open doors they have permission for by punching them.
  • Supports all doors, hatches and gates.
  • Full translation and rich text support. (Use [ and ] in translations instead of < and > for rich text)
  • User-definable chat message icon.
  • Punch-to-open range is configurable, with a default of 15.

Chat Messages Example


  • Add a permission to a door by looking at it, and running /doorpermission <your permission>.
  • You can give players access to this door by giving them the permission doorpermission.<your permission>.
  • Multiple doors can have the same permission to easily grant players to say, all the doors in a base (e.g. Police Departments on Roleplay servers.)
  • To check what the permission is on a linked door, simply look at the door and run /doorpermission with no arguments.
  • To remove the linked permission from a door, look at the door and run /doorremove.

Commands & Permissions

  • /doorpermission <your permission> - Link a permission to the door you are looking at. Permission: appledoorpermissions.command.doorpermission
  • /doorremove - Remove the linked permission from the door you are looking at. Permission: appledoorpermissions.command.doorremove

Configuration & Translations

View configuration and translation examples here.

Things to Note

  • The doors are tracked internally by their position. At this stage, moving doors with the in-game editor will result in the door becoming unlinked from it's permission - but if another door is placed in the same position as the moved door (e.g. in the same doorframe of a structure) it will pickup the moved doors permission. If it's requested, I may alter this in future to track where doors are moved and carry their linked permissions with them. (Let me know if you'd like to see this feature!)

Feature Requests

Feel like the plugin is missing something? I'm more than happy to implement custom functionality (within reason) or add features to make the plugin suit your server. Just contact me on Discord or open a ticket!


For support, please submit a ticket or contact me through Discord: @applemanyt.

If you discover an issue with the plugin, please contact me before leaving a negative review. I am more than happy to help you resolve any problems.

User Reviews

Fantastic(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jan 6, 2024

Fantastic plugin

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Amazing(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jan 2, 2024

Amazing plugin, helped me so much in my server. Quick response from creator and very easy to use!

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