Animal Breeding

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  • Animals follow by food
  • Drop the wheat and breed them


Easy to add new animals, customize items, effects and others...

  • Cow (6)

    • Following items:
      • Wheat (344)
    • Breeding items:
      • Wheat (344)
    • Breeding effects:
      • Sparks (61)=20%
    • Born effects:
      • Bubbles (16)=100%
      • Water splash (61)=100%
  • Pig (4)

    • Following items:
      • Carrot (329)
      • Potato (342)
    • Breeding items:
      • Carrot (329)
      • Potato (342)
    • Breeding effects:
      • Sparks (61)=20%
    • Born effects:
      • Bubbles (16)=100%
      • Water splash (61)=100%

You can also add your own animals with custom settings!

Animal properties:

Breeding chance: 80%

Chance to make a baby

Childs count: 1

Breeding time: 5s

Breeding time process

Breeding delay: 5 minutes

Animals can not be breeded for this time after the last breeding

Global properties:

Smell Radius: 10 units

Effective radius to attract animals

Default Config:*Click me*

User Reviews

Whitelist(*)(*)(*)( )( ) - Nov 29, 2022

7 Days later and my plugin still doesnt get whitelisted from this dev

0 out of 0 people found this helpful
This plugin doesn't work(*)(*)(*)( )( ) - Jul 26, 2022

I followed the instructions perfectly and it didn't work for my server. The dev contacted me a week after I contacted them and tried to help. No suggestions worked, then they went silent. Maybe some Unturned update broke this plugin or something.

1 out of 1 people found this helpful
Works Amazing(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jun 19, 2020

Works well for my RP server, creates some new interesting jobs into the mix.

2 out of 3 people found this helpful
Best Support(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Dec 15, 2019

A very cool plugin that allows you to build your own zoo, imagine that! Tirondzo is also my favourite developer as he responds quickly to your emails. Although the plugin has not been improved for the past few months. It still functions properly. Some of the server owners might not use this plugin, but I am telling you it is a very interesting plugin.

1 out of 4 people found this helpful

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