Developer: MCrow

Current version: (18.08.2019)

Price: $7

Supported payment methods: PayPal

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.


  •    Unturned Server
  •    Rocket.Unturned Module
  •    MySQL Server


  •    Commands ban, unban, kick & warn send a webhook message to Discord whenever someone is punished
  •    Sends an unban message to Discord whenever someone's ban expires
  •    Saves the players' SteamID and name along with the country they connect from (in the future used to display statistics)


  •    /ban <Name/SteamID> [duration] [reason]
  •    /bans [Name/SteamID]
  •    /unban <SteamID>
  •    /kick <Name/SteamID> [Reason]
  •    /warn <Name/SteamID> [Reason]

All permissions are the same as the command names


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Changelog for v2.0.1.0

Added ability to create custom webhook messages with fields and fixed few minor bugs.