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  • It's optimized to never crash or delay your server by doing all outside requests on different threads
  • You can configure it to send Discord webhook message whenever someone gets banned, kicked, warned or unbanned
  • It has all of the GlobalBan features and has a checkowner command
  • Unban messages are automatically sent when ban expires
  • Stores players' data long with the code of a country they connect from
  • Saves all punishemnts & bans to database table


  • /ban [reason] [duration] – Bans specified player for duration with reason.
  • /unban – Removes specified player latest ban.
  • /bans [player/steamID] – Displays a list of bans (optional only the player bans).
  • /kick [reason] – Kicks specified player for reason.
  • /warn [reason] – Warns specified player for reason.
  • /checkowner – Check's the owner of barricade/structure/locked vehicle.
  • /playerinfo <player/steamID> – Displays player name, country and bans, kicks, warns count.
  • /glitch – Teleports you to suspected glitch barricade or structure.

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Changelog (v2.1.2)

Fix for not creating new players, thanks jatapa for report

User Reviews

Moderation Review - TickleMeEdwa(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Dec 18, 2019

A simple plugin that allows staffs to utilize their commands with ease and display each commands through discord channels. Very useful and allows players to view other players' punishments.

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This plugin is just 100%(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Nov 29, 2019

It has good support Works good

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Store: RestoreMonarchy Plugins

Price: $10

Supported payment methods: PayPal

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.