Timed Test Vip

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About Timed Test Vip

​This Plugin give player to vip permission for specific time with Time Permission Plugin. A player can use this command one time but if admin will wipe vipdata player can use this command again.

if player has auth of cupboard then player can give damage everything in cupboard range.

Plugins Depends On: Timed Permissions


  "Test Vip Enabled": true,
  "Oxide Vip Group": [
  "Plugin Icon Id": 0,
  "Test Vip Time(as like hourse)": "12h"

You must change oxide Vip Group with your own oxide group names.

Language Settings: You can modify the notification messages in different languages under the 'Language' folder.

  "plugin_pre_tag": "<color=#FF0000>[Test Vip] :</color>",
  "used_test_vip": "You used the /testvip command before.",
  "test": "test",
  "vip_data_clear": "Test vip data wiped.",
  "dont_have_permission": "You don't have permission to use this command",
  "added_vip": "{0} Vip added to your account for {1} hour(s)"


/testvip -> Giving Vip Perms To Player 

/vipcleardata -> Clear Data  ( for admin )

Discord: If you find any bugs, need assistance, or have suggestions related to the plugin, you can reach out on Discord. Discord pisagor0104

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