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This plugin can help show all Raid activities (all entitys destroyed that are owned by a player) . When players destroy any entity that is owned, a marker will show on the map and can be adjusted to give you a chat notifiction. This can help players who are online by notifiying them if they are being raided or can help other players know that a base is being raided so they could counter.

You can change the marker settings from the config file.

You can change chat messages from the language folder.

All Config Settings { "Raid Map Marker Enabled": true, "Raid Chat Message Enabled": true, "Show Message If player in Raid area": true, "Marker Color": "00FF00", "Marker Outline Color": "00FFFFFF", "Marker Duration (Second)": 10, "Marker Radius (float)": 0.4, "Show Entity Owner Name": false, "Iconid": 0, "Color Opacity Percent example (%25 =0.25, %50 = 0.5 ...": 0.5, "Use Map Marker Plugin (true or false)": true, "If Player Own Entity Dont Show Marker": true, "Showing Damage Type": [ "Bullet", "Stab", "Explosion", "Arrow", "Heat" ] }

Language Settings: You can modify the notification messages in different languages under the 'Language' folder.

Discord: If you find any bugs, need assistance, or have suggestions related to the plugin, you can reach out on Discord. Discord pisagor0104

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