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  • Game Mode Manager
  • Inventory Loadout

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1. Game Mode Manager

Game Mode Manager is the core and mother plugin of both Scrim and Recoil Training Ground minigames and possibly more.

It contains all the general logic that minigames depend on, such as entrance points management, arenas management, spawn points, score system, players loadouts, lobby, and more.

This plugin alone doesn't do much. It's a backbone and communication bridge meant for connecting minigame components with each other and managing them, making them more compatible with other plugins and easier to maintain or extend in the future.

So before obtaining any minigame package, you will always need this core plugin and its dependencies for it to utilize. Each minigame may also have its own dependencies that work alongside the rest of the system.

With all bundles combined, you can create your new UKN server almost from all aspects.

The development of these plugins has taken months, which included extensive testing, bug fixes, and countless adjustments to make them as ideal and optimized as possible for server performance.

Keep in mind these plugins are still under continuous development, and there're many planned features and enhancements to add over time.

1.1 Permissions

Admin Permissions

  • gamemodemanager.admin - Allows using the admin setup commands of the lobby and all minigame plugins.
  • gamemodemanager.ignore - Allows admins to bypass the inventory lock and safe area radius of spawn points (Grant this permission when creating loadouts)
  • gamemodemanager.vanish.bypass - Allows admins to be visible in all active matches (Useful when creating multiple matches on the same island)

Player Permissions

  • gamemodemanager.wearlock.bypass - Allows players to bypass the inventory wear lock to let them use the skin box.

💡 Note

These permissions apply to all the minigame plugins connected with Game Mode Manager.

1.2 Console Commands

  • - Shows all created lobbies and arenas connected to them, including enabled and disabled spawn points, entrance points, safe areas, zones and more.
  • - Prints a list of available commands.
  • lobby.create <Lobby Name> <Zone ID> - Creates a lobby.
  • lobby.edit <Lobby ID> - Starts editing the lobby.
  • lobby.done - Stops editing the lobby and disables any further changes to it.
  • lobby.delete <Lobby ID> - Deletes the lobby.
  • lobby.set <Key> <Value> [<Key> <Value>] [<Key> <Value>] - Sets values for the edited lobby.
  • - Prints a list of available keys for editing the lobby.
  • lobby.delete.spawn <Spawn Point Name> - Deletes a lobby spawn point.
  • lobby.allow <add/remove> <Lobby ID> <Steam ID> - Adds or removes player to the whitelist.
  • lobby.ban <add/remove> <Lobby ID> <Steam ID> - Adds or removes a player from the blacklist.

💡 Tip

The advantage of using the client console is that you can execute the previous commands without writing them again.

You can navigate through the previously executed commands by using the arrow keys ▲ ▼

1.3 Lobby Creation

Every game starts with the lobby and ends with it.

  • First of all, grant yourself the permission gamemodemanager.admin to be able to use the setup commands.
  • Create a zone using Zone Manager and then create the lobby using the command lobby.create <Lobby Name> <Zone ID>

1.4 Lobby Spawn Points

Upon creating a lobby with spawn points, the Rust default spawning areas on the map are automatically disabled.

  • Create one spawn point or several inside the lobby using the command lobby.set spawn <Position>

  • You can also adjust some other options of the spawn point from the GameModeManager.json data file.

  • To remove a spawn point, use the command lobby.delete.spawn <Spawn Point Name>

1.5 Lobby Loadout

To create a kit that players obtain when joining or spawning in the lobby, we will use the Inventory Loadout plugin.

  • Equip your inventory with the items you want the loadout to have, and then use the command / <Loadout Name>
  • Head to the GameModeManager.json data file and add the created loadout name, or use the command lobby.set loadout <Loadout Name>

💡 Tip

  • If you want to view the loadout you created, use the command /loadout.take <Loadout Name> which allows you to obtain it manually.
  • To edit an existing loadout, use the command / <Loadout Name> and save it with the same name.
  • List all created loadouts using the command /loadout.list

1.6 Lobby Whitelist Mode

The whitelist mode allows you to restrict lobby access to specific players, which can be helpful for special events or maintenance times. This feature also works as a server access whitelist.

  • You can enable the whitelist mode in the GameModeManager.json data file or by using the command lobby.set restrict <true / false>

  • Whitelist players using lobby.allow <add / remove> <Lobby ID> <Steam ID>

  • Blacklist players using lobby.ban <add / remove> <Lobby ID> <Steam ID>

1.7 Main Lobby

By default, the first lobby created will always be the main lobby, which makes players teleport to it on connect and on respawn all the time. The main lobby is also used for teleportation if the plugin fails to find other lobbies.

You can have multiple lobbies created, but it's preferable to have only one.

1.8 Lobby Flags

The lobby has some built-in rules by default which are

  • Players cannot suicide or deal damage to themselves or others (That includes fall damage)
  • Players Metabolism reset when they spawn or teleport to or from the lobby.
  • Wear inventories are locked for all players, making them unable to drop or change their given lobby kit (This also applies to Scrim and Recoil Training Ground minigames)

1.9 Future Plans

2. Inventory Loadout

Inventory Loadout is a better and lighter alternative than the Rust Kits plugin to create and save loadouts, used by Scrim and Recoil Training Ground minigames.

2.1 Commands

  • / <Loadout Name> - Creates the loadout.
  • /loadout.take <Loadout Name> - Equips the loadout.
  • /loadout.list - Lists all created loadouts.

2.2 Loadout Creation

Creating a loadout for any minigame plugin is the same.

  • First of all, equip your inventory with the items you want the loadout to have and when you're ready, use the command / <Loadout Name>
  • All created loadouts are saved in the InventoryLoadout.json data file.

💡 Note

The plugin saves the weapons as they are and in the exact position in the inventory. Whether they are damaged, have attachments, or loaded ammo, they get held too, which also applies to clothes and other items.

2.3 Loadout Edit

  • To edit or update a loadout, use the command / <Loadout Name> and save the new loadout with the same name


When creating loadouts, grant yourself the gamemodemanager.ignore permission to bypass the inventory lock.

User Reviews

Awesome plugin(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Apr 14, 2022

Very useful and easy to configure plugin, it provides you with everything you need to set up your lobby and everything you need for events.

The support is the best, Dana always helps you and answers all the questions in her discord.

Just perfect.

1 out of 2 people found this helpful
Good but need fixes(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Apr 12, 2022

Great plugin but have some major problems and lack of features but it's fine for the price. Only the chat issue is annoying as hell and does not support colors. Compatibility with all chat plugins is 0% and your chat is downgraded from vanilla to 1 color only ; (

1 out of 2 people found this helpful

Thanks for the feedback. Compatibility with the Better Chat plugin has been added in the latest version update, version 1.1.3

Dana | Apr 12, 2022
Good work on the plugin.(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Sep 21, 2021

Excellent plugin. Easy to set up with instruction give

2 out of 3 people found this helpful
:)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jun 18, 2021

Easy to Use If you follow the instructions

2 out of 3 people found this helpful

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