Custom Helicopter Tiers

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Take full control of the patrol helicopter and customize each of its aspects to your liking, creating an unlimited number of tiers with different difficulties. A great addition to both PVE and PVP servers.


  •<Tier> - Allows using the chat commands for a specific helicopter
  • - Allows using the chat commands for all helicopters
  • customhelicoptertiers.limits.<Name> - Assigns a set of command limits.
  • customhelicoptertiers.admin - Allows using the admin commands

Chat Commands

  • - Prints all commands and their usage
  • <Tier> - Spawns the helicopter from a random location
  • <Tier> here - Calls the helicopter to your location
  • heli.kill <Tier> - Kills the helicopter
  • heli.kill all - Kills all active helicopters on the map
  • heli.loot set <Tier> - Sets the loot table of the helicopter
  • heli.spawn set <Spawn Point Name> <Position> - Sets a custom spawn point based on the coordinates
  • heli.spawn set <Spawn Point Name> here - Sets a custom spawn point at your location
  • heli.spawn delete <Spawn Point Name> - Deletes a custom spawn point
  • heli.spawn show - Shows all created custom spawn points
  • heli.delete <Tier> - Deletes a helicopter
  • heli.add <Tier> - Adds a helicopter
  • heli.list - Lists all created helicopters

Console Commands

  • <Tier> - Spawns the helicopter from a random location
  • <Tier> <Steam ID> - Calls the helicopter to the player's location
  • heli.kill <Tier> - Kills the helicopter
  • heli.kill all - Kills all active helicopters on the map
  • - Prints a report of the helicopters

Understanding the Weighting System

1. Assigning Weights to Rarities

In this system, items are divided into different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and VeryRare. Each rarity is assigned a specific weight that determines how likely it is to be selected when loot is populated. Here's an example of how these weights are assigned: "Rarity Weights": { "Common": 5, "Uncommon": 3, "Rare": 1, "VeryRare": 1 } "Common" has a weight of 5. "Uncommon" has a weight of 3. Both "Rare" and "VeryRare" have weights of 1.

When you add up these weights, you get a total of 10 (5 + 3 + 1 + 1 = 10). This means that out of these 10 items, if you were to randomly pick an item to spawn, you would have:

  • 5 out of 10 (50%) chance of picking a "Common" item.
  • 3 out of 10 (30%) chance of picking an "Uncommon" item.
  • 1 out of 10 (10%) chance of picking a "Rare" item.
  • 1 out of 10 (10%) chance of picking a "VeryRare" item.


2. Choosing Items Based on Rarity

Once a rarity is chosen based on its weight, a specific item from that rarity pool is randomly selected. This means that not only is the rarity randomized, but also the specific item within that rarity. Here's an example of how it works: "Custom Loot Table": [ { "Shortname": "ammo.rocket.basic", "Rarity": "Common" }, { "Shortname": "explosives", "Rarity": "VeryRare" } ] If the "Common" rarity is chosen, any item marked as "Common" in the loot table (e.g., "ammo.rocket.basic") can be found in the crate. Each item within the same rarity category has an equal chance of spawning.


  • No item will spawn multiple times in a single crate.

Global Configuration

"Global Helicopter Config": {
      "Turrets Bullet Accuracy": 2,
      "Disable Rust Default Helicopter": true,
      "Maximum Helicopter Life Time In Minutes": 15.0

The above configs can't be set individually for each tier and changing them will affect all of the created helicopters.

PVP Configuration

"PVP": {
          "Lock To The Invoker": true,
          "Team Included On Invoker Lock": false,
          "Invoker Has Priority In The Team": true,
          "Do Not Allow Others To Trigger The Helicopter Until Reaching The Invoker": false,
          "Lock To First Attacker": false

Lock To The Invoker

If enabled, the helicopter will not attack anyone but the player who called it, and it can't be interrupted by other players.

Damage dealt by other players will be nullified as well.

Team Included On Invoker Lock

Team and clan members of the invoker will be added to the hostility list of the helicopter.

Invoker Has Priority In The Team

If enabled, the player who called the helicopter will have top priority among his teammates, but if he isn't alive or visible, then it'll target one of his team members.

This option only works if Team Included On Invoker Lock is enabled.

Do Not Allow Others To Trigger The Helicopter Until Reaching The Invoker

Stops the called helicopter from moving to its destination to the invoker and tries to attack the player who interrupted it instead.

Lock To First Attacker

This works as a reservation system. The helicopter will be locked to the first player who attacks it

PVE Configuration

"PVE": {
          "Prevent Damage To Other Players Properties": false

Prevent Damage To Other Players Properties

This works perfectly for PVE servers as it prevents any attempt to raid or destroy structures of other players while attacking the helicopter.

Damage Configuration

"Damage": {
          "Rockets - Blunt Damage": 175,
          "Rockets - Explosion Damage": 100,
          "Rockets - Explosion Radius": 6,
          "Rockets - Max Launched Rockets": 12,
          "Rockets - Time Between Each Rocket In Seconds": 1,
          "Turrets - Bullet Damage": 20.0,
          "Turrets - Max Bullet Range": 300.0,
          "Turrets - Bullet Speed": 250,
          "Turrets - Interval Between Bursts In Seconds": 3,
          "Turrets - Duration of Burst In Seconds": 3,
          "Turrets - Fire Rate In Seconds": 12

Health Configuration

"Health": {
          "Body": 10000.0,
          "Main Rotor": 750.0,
          "Tail Rotor": 375.0

Maximum Helicopter Speed

The maximum flight speed of the helicopter (Default 25)

Helicopter Startup Length In Seconds

The time needed for the helicopter to change its initial speed to the maximum speed (Default 0)

Initial Helicopter Startup Speed

The initial speed of the helicopter before reaching that maximum speed (Default 25)

Chat Broadcast Configuration

"Chat Broadcast": {
          "Manual Spawn": false,
          "Custom Spawn": false,
          "Random Spawn": false

Manual Spawn

Broadcasts a message in chat when the helicopter is spawned by using the command.

Custom Spawn

Broadcasts a message in chat when the helicopter is spawned by the server from one of the predefined custom spawn points.

Random Spawn

Broadcasts a message in chat when the helicopter is spawned by the server from any location randomly.

Include Team

Allow team and clan members of the invoker to loot the crates.

Admin Bypass Crates Cooldown

Allows admins to bypass the fire lock of loot crates.

Custom Spawn

If enabled, the helicopter will spawn from predefined custom spawn locations.

Keep in mind that you can't have both Randomized Spawn and Custom Spawned enabled.

  • Create custom spawn locations by using the heli.spawn set <Spawn Point Name> <Position> command
    • The Position can be replaced either with a coordinate X, Y, Z or with here
    • You can get the player coordinate by using the server command server.printpos

Now, and under the Custom Spawn Locations config, add the name of the spawn location you created.

You can add as many custom spawn locations as you want to each tier, and for each time the helicopter spawns, it'll choose one of them randomly.

Kill Statistics

Statistics are broadcasted in a chat message upon destroying the helicopter, and they include

  • Accuracy of hitting the rotors
  • Total damage dealt
  • Time spent to take down the helicopter

Custom Command Limits

"Call Command": {
          "Default Cooldown In Minutes": 0.0,
          "Default Daily Limit": 0,
          "Custom Limits": {
            "VIP": {
              "Cooldown Minutes": 60.0,
              "Daily Limit": 3

Call Command Cooldown In Minutes

The default time required in order to use the command again.

Call Command Daily Limit

The default number of times a player can use the command per day.

Custom Limits

Provides dynamic permissions which allow infinite customization for each tier.

To add custom limits assigned to permission, head to the Custom Limits config and create one with the name VIP. Now, replace <Name> in customhelicoptertiers.limits.<Name> permission with VIP

This will result in customhelicoptertiers.limits.VIP, which when granted will have a cooldown of 60 minutes and 3 limited uses per day

In case a player has 2 permissions with different limits, he'll be automatically using the best available limits from each of them.

Monuments Spawn Locations

"Monuments Spawn Locations": {
      "Large Fishing Village": {
        "Position": {
          "x": -454.068848,
          "y": 0.0,
          "z": -1019.226
      "Fishing Village": {
        "Position": {
          "x": 612.134949,
          "y": 0.0,
          "z": 489.8864

Monuments spawn locations of monuments are auto-generated on plugin load and they get added automatically to the Monuments Spawn Locations list.


CHT cannot be compatible with Automated Events plugin unless you have the config of Patrol Helicopter Event disabled. Otherwise, there won't be conflicts.

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Amazing Plugin !(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Mar 27, 2023

Really great plugin great Dev ! And easy to use love it :)

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CustomHelicopterTiers(*)(*)(*)(*)( ) - Sep 14, 2022

All I was looking for

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Great Heli Plugin(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jul 8, 2022

Works great for me. Use it for several month with no problems.

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