Build Helper AutoGrade

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About Build Helper AutoGrade

This plugin allows players to automatically upgrade within their authority while base. While the building plan is in hand, a menu opens at the top right of the screen and they switch between building levels by pressing the e key. The player must be authorized to decide which game can be upgraded to which level.

You can change this tier tiers image from config file.

  "Plugin Icon Id": 0,
  "Twig Tier Icon Image": "",
  "Wood Tier Icon Image": "",
  "Stone Tier Icon Image": "",
  "Metal Tier Icon Image": "",
  "High Metal Tier Icon Image": "",
  "Panel AnchorMin": "0.94 0.5",
  "Panel AnchorMax": "0.99 0.95",
  "Gui Button Enabled": true

You can Change Message With Language File

  "dont_have_enough_resourche": "You don't have enough <color=#FF0000>{0}</color>.",
  "twig": "Twig",
  "wood": "Wood",
  "stone": "Stone",
  "metal": "Metal",
  "hq": "Hq Metal",
  "press_e_button": "Automatic upgrading is now set to grade <color=#FFA500>{0}</color>. Press <color=#FFA500>E</color> to change auto enhancement.",
  "plugin_pre_tag": "<color=#FF0000>[Build Helper] :</color>"

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