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Yeeti Discord:


  • Syncing Unturned server chats (global and server) with Discord channels
  • Displaying up-to-date server info (ip, port, map etc) and playerlist (name, profile, ping, activity)
  • Forwarding commands from Discord to Unturned
  • Checking Uconomy balance through Discord
  • Reports: display screenshot, reason and reportee/reporter information
  • RoleSync: Syncing roles to Rocket permission groups
  • RoleSync: Executing commands when a role is added/removed to/from a player
  • RoleSync: Adding role reward for linking
  • RaidAlerts: Alert linked players when their buildables get destroyed [premium]
  • TimedSpy: Spy every player periodically and watch from Discord [premium]
  • LiveMaps: Show the location of every player on the map on Discord [premium]
  • Lots of more to come!

To make use of this service and receive the neccessary files you must be on the Yeeti Discord

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Store: Arechi

Price: Free!

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.