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VehicleDamageAlerts allows for custom webhooks to be sent to a desired Discord channel when a vehicle is being damaged or if it is being stolen/stealy wheelied! This is useful for Servers such as RP where griefers are destroying everyone's vehicles.


  • Detailed messages are sent to Discord when a vehicle is being damaged. It includes who is doing the damage, what vehicle it is, where the vehicle is, who owns the vehicle (if it is locked) and what caused the damage.
  • Completely customizable configuration, allowing you to select what permission a User needs to activate the specific webhook, what channel it sends to, what type of damage is logs and much more!
  • No lag due to measures to prevent spamming messages.
  • Many upcoming features such as complete customization as to what the webhooks include (add or remove any information you don't want sent).


  • *Click me* for the full Configuration!
  • This plugin requires the use of webhooks in Discord, click here to find out how to get the URL you need.


  • "vehicledamagealerts .{AlertName}" - Users with this permission when damaging a vehicle will send a webhook to Discord, {AlertName} is set in the Configuration.



Thanks to ImRoyal for further ideas for my original plugin.

Changelog for v1.1

Added the ability to log when someones Vehicle is being lockpicked.