A referral code is a unique code assigned to your account. You can use this code to refer your friends to any server that promotes said code and get rewarded with in-game money! When you refer a friend to to the server, they get an amount of (Game Currency) when they use said code. Then, you will also receive a certain amount of (Game Currency).

You can give this code to your friends to be entered via chat (command):

/code <code>

(To synchronize information between servers: use mysql and use tables with the same name.)


There's a series of settings the moderator can change, which are the options to:

  • Option to choose reward commands (executed at console level)
  • Customize the cost for the player to create a code
  • Option to block unwanted words (such as swears or repulsive words)
  • Option to choose a player's maximum play time before they can no longer use a reference code. (0 = unlimited time, Custom PlayerInfoLib is required link below.) *
  • Option to save rewards when the creator of the code is offline. Rewards are given as soon as the player enters the server. (useful for items for example)

Config Example:


Permission to use all commands → ( Referral.* ) (FULL PERMISSION)

/ccode <code> ( Referral.ccode ) create code

/ccode <code> (Amount) ( Referral.specialcode ) create a code but with ability to choose the amount reward

/code <code> ( Referral.code ) use code

/lcode or/topcode ( Referral.topcode ) or ( Referral.lcode ) see top 3 used codes

/mycode ( Referral.mycode ) information about created code

/rcode ( Referral.rcode ) removes all used codes and times used

Custom PlayerInfoLib:

Changelog (v2.1.2)

Ups: Localhost ->

  • The plugin is now completely asynchronized.
  • Improved data validation system.
  • LiteDB support.
  • Code Optimization.
  • Others...

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