Important: MySQL is required.   Description:

  This does not stop the raid but gives a boost in the life of the barricades and structures at its base. 
  Basically when the last player of a group leaves the server a delay will be initiated, when this delay is finished a protection will be applied in the   area where he has disconnected(only to the things of his group).
  When someone in the group re-enters this protection is automatically removed, thus providing extra protection when offline.  

Why?, Why not?

  This helps keep entire bases longer, less rage quit per raid, a new game prespective and forcing players to make better resource management.
  With this raids are most advantageous when the two groups are online providing an epic attack-defense combat.  


 MYSQL is used to store information about the protection, so be careful not to make manual changes or mysql server crashes.

Not prepared for some workshop structures / barricades like admin walls and so on ...



  • Offer protection to players without a group.
  • System ignore some IDS or customize the multiplication of life for each object.
 I want feedback :)

Price: USD 15.00
Developer: rube200
Developer Support: [email protected]
Current version: (13.03.2018)

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Changelog for v1.5.2.2
  • New internal information storage system, thus improving the performance and features used by plugins.
  • Fixing a Duplicated Key.
  • Improving the unload system.
  • Stupid bug fix ( ->


Not Solved

  • Bug detected (will be fixed soon), this bug despite being a bit serious is difficult to find and extremely difficult to do.