Spawn Animals



  • Spawn animals with simple command
  • Kill animals


  • /animal <id|name> [count] : Spawn n animals with specified id
    /animal cow : Spawn 1 cow
    /animal 4 5 : Spawn 5 pigs
  • /kanimals <r|all> [id] : Kill all animals in specific radius
    /kanimals all cow : Kill all cows on the map
    /kanimals all : Kill all animals on the map
    /kanimals 10 : Kill all animals closer than 10 units


  • "animals.spawn" to spawn animals
  • "animals.kill" to kill animals

Animal IDs:

  • 1 - Deer
  • 2 - Moose
  • 3 - Wolf
  • 4 - Pig
  • 5 - Bear
  • 6 - Cow
  • 7 - Reindeer

Short tutorial:

  • Add permissions for players in the Permissions.config.xml
  • Get fun

All details are thought out:

New animals will not increase their spawns on the map
For example, you can spawn 1000 animals, kill them all and no one of them will auto-respawn


Special discount:

All owners of Animal Breeding plugin can get this one for free!
Animal Breeding
Price: USD 15.00
Animals breeding like in minecraft now in unturned
Developer: Tirondzo


Changelog (v1.0.1.1)

Moved to NSPLV: New Super Puper License Verification

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