Advanced Permissions

Developer: persiafighter2

Current version: (25.02.2019)

Price: $15

Supported payment methods: PayPal

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.

Current Features

  • MySQL Permissions.
  • Improved Rocket Permissions.
  • Rollback to rocket permissions or any other external permission system.
  • Permissions keep being updated server and database wise.
  • Possibility to reduce server-client lag for multiple servers in different regions.
  • Supports any external permissions system, and is not affected by simple on-load overrides of permissions system from other plugins (like uessentials and rocketregions).
  • Automatic permission migration.
  • Temporary group membership.
  • Improved /p command.
  • Custom options (Type of priority ordering, temporary membership types, wildcards, removing permissions, admins having all permissions, etc.)

Upcoming Features

  • Public API for developers.
  • Hybrid Cache

Arguments for /p

  • No argument
  • reload
  • groups
  • check
  • <player>
  • add <player> <group>
  • add <player> <group> <membership_duration>
  • remove <player> <group>
  • create <group>
  • delete <group>
  • addp <permission> <group>
  • removep <permission> <group>
  • addp <permission> <cooldown> <group>
  • color <color> <group>
  • prefix <prefix> <group>
  • suffix <suffix> <group>
  • displayname <name> <group>
  • id <id> <group>
  • list <permissions | members> <group>
  • priority <priority> <group>
  • parentgroup <parentgroup> <group>
  • details <group> 


  • p.reload
  • p.all.groups
  • p.create
  • p.check
  • p.delete
  • p.details
  • p.add.permission
  • p.remove.permission
  • p.color
  • p.prefix
  • p.suffix
  • p.displayname
  • p.list
  • p.parentgroup
  • p.priority
  • p.add.player
  • p.remove.player

Other Stuff:

Default Configuration: file

Default Translations: file

If you want a feature or something else added don't hesitate to send me an email on the address down below. Any good suggestions or common suggestions will be added and will be tested and released a few weeks after it gets fully planned!

Changelog for v1.1.1.4

Updated to latest Unturned.

Fixed minor library conflict.

Updated to use the ImperialPluginsLoader