Advanced Jobs



  • Players can join and leave jobs automatically, admins don't need to do anything! No need for leaders!
  • Have salaries for each job (needs Uconomy)
  • Jobs can have limits (max amount of players for a job)
  • Jobs are linked to rocket groups (works with builtin permissions, webperms, LPX etc), this allows you for example to have kits for jobs
  • Jobs can have permissions which a player needs to join them (configurable in the config)
  • Configurable cooldown until a player can leave job again
  • Simple setup, no database required
  • Best for Roleplay servers
  • Works great with ChatMaster to show job titles in chat! (no need for kick)


  • /job <name>: Join job
  • /jobleave: Leave job
  • /jobs: List jobs (only shows jobs you can join)
  • /jobsadmin clear <job>: Clears all players from given job
  • /job add <player> <job>: Add player to a job
  • /job remove <player> <job>: Remove player from a job



  • Command permissions are the same as the commands. For example: for /jobs you would have to give the "jobs" permission
  • Permissions for jobs are set in the config (e.g. permission to join "police")
  • jobs.manage.<name>: Allows to add / remove players from the job with the given name (/job <add/remove> <player> <job>)
  • jobs.manage.all: Allows to manage all jobs []: []: []:

Changelog (v1.6.3.0)

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