Developer: rube200

Current version: (18.08.2019)

Price: $15

Supported payment methods: PayPal

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.

Important: MySQL is required !!!

Before Update, do /rocket unload ORProtection


 The main function of this plugin is to protect the buildables of a group while its members are offline , thus preventing unfair raids.

 After the last online member of a group disconnects the buildables deployed by the group, in a certain radius around the position from which the last member logged out, gains a protection that works by modifying the amount of damage taken by the structure. After the member disconnects there's a small delay before the buildables deployed by that group gain the protection, that then proceeds to make them harder to destroy while the members are offline.

 This decrease of damage to the buildables tries to discourage other players from trying to destroy such buildables while the members of the group can't defend them, thus also encouraging PvP and interactions between players.

 The delay which comes after the disconnect of the last member ensures that the functions of the plugin cannot be exploited by the group members.



There's a series of settings the moderator can change, which are the options to:

  • Choose which IDs (buildables) the plugin ignore's
  • Change the amount of damage dealt (float) to the IDs receive while protected
  • Change the radius (float) of the protected area
  • Choose (not) to use the radius (instead of a certain radius the whole map becomes protected)
  • Choose if all (or some of) the IDs are indestructable or not 


 MYSQL is used to store information about the protection, therefore be careful not to make any manual changes or the plugin may not work.

 Config Example:


 Please send feedback :)

Changelog for v2.0.2.1


  • Fixed bugs related to LiteDB


  • Code improvements.
  • Less resource usage.
  • Use of asynchronous functions (prevent server freeze).
  • LiteDB support.
  • Auto delete old groups
  • More info about protection(Config)
  • Tire protection
  • And more...