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All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.


This plugin adds many features and utilities for Police roles - ideal for RP servers!

What's included:

Vehicle Tracker

Allows you to track where a Vehicle is on the map!

  • Execute /vtrack whilst looking at a Vehicle and then wait until the Tracker has deployed.
  • Once deployed, the Vehicle will be marked on the map (currently as your name - will be changed once Nelson adds custom waypoint names).
  • This will update every x seconds (set in configuration) until it is removed with /vtrack again or the vehicle has been destroyed.

Engine Disabler

Allows you to disable engines whilst you are in pursuit of it!

  • Execute /disable whilst looking at a Vehicle and then wait until the Disabler has deployed.
  • Once deployed, when you execute /disable again the Vehicle's engine will die for x seconds (set in configuration).


Allows you to frisk/pat-down players!

  • Execute /frisk whilst looking at a Player.
  • If the player has to be restrained (set in configuration) and is, the player will then drop all of their items on the ground.

Police Announcement

Allows you to broadcast special Police messages!

  • Execute /policeannounce ["Message"] and it will display the message along with the custom Icon (set in configuration).



Changelog for v1.0

Initial release.