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This plugin adds many features and utilities for Police roles - ideal for RP servers!

What's included:

Vehicle Tracker

Allows you to track where a Vehicle is on the map! policeutilities.vehicletrack

  • Execute /vtrack whilst looking at a Vehicle and then wait until the Tracker has deployed.
  • Once deployed, the Vehicle will be marked on the map (currently as your name - will be changed once Nelson adds custom waypoint names).
  • This will update every x seconds (set in configuration) until it is removed with /vtrack again or the vehicle has been destroyed.

Engine Disabler

Allows you to disable engines whilst you are in pursuit of it! policeutilities.enginedisabler

  • Execute /disable whilst looking at a Vehicle and then wait until the Disabler has deployed.
  • Once deployed, when you execute /disable again the Vehicle's engine will die for x seconds (set in configuration).


Allows you to frisk/pat-down players! policeutilities.frisk

  • Execute /frisk whilst looking at a Player.
  • If the player has to be restrained (set in configuration) and is, the player will then drop all of their items on the ground.


Allows you to Impound vehicles!

policeutilities.impound, policeutilities.impoundcheck, policeutilities.impoundretrieve, policeutilities.impounddelete.

  • Execute /impound whilst looking at an empty vehicle.
  • The Vehicle is then impounded and removed from the map.
  • Users can check what Vehicles of theirs are Impounded with /ImpoundCheck along with the Number they need to use to retrieve it.
  • Users can execute /ImpoundRetrieve [Number] to retrieve their Vehicles (All Vehicle stats, buildables and lockers etc... are saved, even after restart).
  • You can set a price in the configuration for retrieving (only uses EXP currently).
  • Administrators/Police Officers can delete either a certain or all Impounded Vehicles from a User.
  • Impound data is stored in MySQL, allowing the impounding of a Vehicle on one Server and the retrieval of it on another.


policeutilities.taser, policeutilities.taserprevent.

Allows you to taze people!

  • Configure the Weapon IDs, Max Distance and Duration of the Taze in the configuration.
  • Shoot someone with the correct Weapon and then they are tased! (Along with in-game electrical effects!)

Police Announcement

Allows you to broadcast special Police messages! policeutilities.policeannouncement

  • Execute /policeannounce ["Message"] and it will display the message along with the custom Icon (set in configuration).


Configuration has had a major change in V2.0.0, back yours up and then regenerate it!


Changelog (v3.1.0)

  • Updated Impound logic.

User Reviews

Broken(*)(*)( )( )( ) - Apr 4, 2020

The Tracker Doesn't Work The frisk Works Engine Disabler is broken taser sorta works and announcements work and impound docent work!

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How to i access the Config?(*)(*)(*)(*)( ) - Apr 1, 2020

I cant see the config anywhere!

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Hi, please contact me on Discord so I can help you out: Mr.Kwabs#9751

Mr.Kwabs Plugins | Apr 1, 2020
Awesome.(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Mar 21, 2020

As the creator says plugin is ideal for RP servers. The creator is very nice and helps with everything. Everything is working, but could You let us change translations? It would help non english servers. Please consider that.

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Not bad(*)(*)(*)(*)( ) - Mar 18, 2020

Great plugin but there is no translation file Add it please

And fix plugin, impound does not work

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Nice(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Feb 29, 2020

It's worth it

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Nice plugin for police RP(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Feb 22, 2020

Overall it's a nice plugin to use. The trackers and engine disabler are a nice touch for adding an RP way to track a criminal and disable a vehicle engine.

I have experienced some issues where on times the frisk command will not drop what is inside the persons being frisked hand slots.

Taser system could be improved - I love that the player is made to stay still but maybe a togglable option so that when the player is tased they have their hands forced up. As IRL you are immobile and officers and manhandle you and cuff you.

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Hi, thanks for the review! This is something I will be adding soon, keep an eye out for any updates.

As for the issues with the /frisk command, I will be looking into this at some point and will hopefully get around to fixing it.

Mr.Kwabs Plugins | Feb 25, 2020
nice plugin(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jan 7, 2020

English I like it, it hurts that the / impound only works if the owner of the vehicle is connected, otherwise it does not work, and if the vehicle has something in the warehouse this is thrown to the ground but in general it is very good, I recommend it

EDIT: Need a spanish traslate to this plugin :(

(sorry, I do not speak English and use the google translator)

ESPAÑOL: Me agrada, lastima que el /impound solo sirve si el dueño del vehículo esta conectado, de lo contrario no funciona, y si el vehículo tiene algo en el almacen esto es tirado al suelo pero en general esta muy bueno, lo recomiendo

EDITO: Hace falta una opcion para traducir el plugin

(lo siento, no hablo ingles y uso el traductor de google)

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Very cool!(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Dec 20, 2019

This is a must have on you roleplay server. All the features are incredibly useful and they make for a great experience if you’re a cop. A working taser included in this package would be even cooler, but still this is amazing as it is.

EDIT 20/12/2019: The taser feature has been added very fast after my latest review, anyway I test it with Kwabs and everything is working perfectly! Now I can say this plugin has everything a police officer needs!

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Review - Conor J(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Dec 15, 2019

The Plugin has it's good perks, such as for increasing Roleplay within a Police force or even for criminals, however, some features are still in BETA or being worked on such as the frisking not really working. This has been reported to Mr.Kwabs who is working on the command as we speak, however it's good for it's price.

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Works like a charm(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Dec 15, 2019

I got this plugin for sometime ago and the support first of all was really good, and the features is also really nice especially for my rp server it has been nice having them, all in all so would I recommend it as it is worth it.

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Store: Mr.Kwabs Plugins

Price: $5.99

Supported payment methods: PayPal

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.