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A plugin for RP that alerts first responders to people in need of their help!


/panic - Triggers Panic Mode and alerts any first responders with the set permission online

Aliases: /pb, /p

Permission: Set in config, panic.send by default

/cancel - cancels active panic mode if engaged

Aliases: /c

Permission: Set in config, panic.cancel by default

/resolve [player] - Used by First responders to resolve a players panic

Aliases: /r, /res

Permission: Set in config, panic.resolve by default

Panic Mode:

Users in this mode have their co-ordinates sent to any users with the panic.receive permission by default (editable in config)

along with their name, they will also have an effect (set in config) that is triggered on them to help the users find them quicker

Users can disable panic mode by doing /cancel or /c and first responders will be notified in chat that panic mode for this user has been cancelled

First Responders:

These are people with the panic.receive permission (can be changed in config) they are the people that go to the users that are in panic mode to resolve their problem

they do this by first solving the problem then typing /resolve [player] the rest of the first responders online are then notified that it has been resolved

Future Updates:

Leave me any suggestions for future updates in my discord

Changelog for v1.0.1.1

Bug Fixes