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This plugin allows you to save and load your own custom loadouts on the go and saves them in MySQL! This plugin is ideal for Creative and Sandbox Servers as you can sync loadouts across Servers using MySQL.

The plugin has many cool features such as:

  • Allowing User's to save, load, auto-load, list, delete their Loadouts as well as copy other's inventory and more!
  • Lots of configuration options which allow you to control aspects of the plugin.
  • Permission based max-slots with a priority system!
  • Certain permissions can have more kits than others, ideal for custom ranks!
  • This plugin is lag free by using specially created MySQL queries and utilizing threads so it is seamless.


/Save [Name] - Saves your current inventory into a Loadout with the desired name (Leave empty to use a default name) [loadouts.save].

/Load [Name] - Loads the desired Loadout with the selected name (Leave empty to use a default name) [loadouts.load].

/AutoLoad [Name] - Use this command to enable AutoLoad on a desired Loadout. This Loadout will automatically be given to you when you respawn (Leave empty to use a default name). [loadouts.autoload]

/List - Lists all of your (or a specific User's) Loadouts as well as the maximum amount you can have (Permission based - set in the configuration) [loadouts.list, loadouts.list.others].

/Delete [Name] - Deletes the desired Loadout with the selected name (Leave empty to use a default name) [loadouts.delete].

/Copy [User] - Copies the desired User's inventory into yours. [loadouts.copy]

/ClearInventory [User] - Clears your inventory or the desired User's. [loadouts.clearinventory & loadouts.clearinventory.others]

/Refresh [User] - Used by an Admin/Console to refresh a User's Loadouts (When manually updating the MySQL Table etc...) [loadouts.refresh].



Changelog (v1.2.1)

Fixed OverwriteSlotOnSave when User is at MaxSlots.

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Easy to use

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It's the best I can find

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Sick mode

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