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All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.


This plugin requires MySQL libraries, download them here!

DiscordRewards allows for rewards to be given to Users that have joined your Discord!


  • Users get a 5-digit-code when they do /code or /discord in-game.
  • In Discord, they can use !verify [5-digit-code] and the Rewards will be given instantly as Rewards are given directly via RCON.
  • The in-game Rewards are completely customizable and you can add as many as you want. Check below for more information.
  • Detailed success & error messages are shown to Users on both Unturned & Discord, so Users know exactly where they have gone wrong.
  • Guaranteed increase in Discord members!


  • *Click here* for the full configuration!
  • This plugin requires you to edit your RocketMod RCON settings, click here to see what you need to do!
  • This plugin requires your Discord Guild's ID, click here to find out how to get it.


  • "discordrewards.discord" - Users with this permission can execute the /Discord command, giving them a code and a link to the Discord.
  • "discordrewards.code" - Users with this permission can execute the /Code command, giving them their code.
  • "discordrewards.validate" - Users with this permission can validate the Server/BOT.

This plugin also requires a Discord BOT to function. Click here to invite it to your Server and here for a guide on how to use it!


Please note that you are buying just the Plugin, although the BOT and host is free, there is no guarantee that it will exist as long as the Plugin does.

Changelog for v1.2

Bug fixes.