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Main Features

  • Instantaneous decay, Structures &/or Barricades of a specific player get destroyed after they have been offline for a certain amount of time.
  • Gradual decay, Structures &/or Barricades of a specific player get damaged continuously over time and requires the player to maintain them.


  • /removeStructures <player> - Removes all structures & barricades that a player owns.
  • /decayCheck - Checks the owner of the structures you are looking at and when they will be automatically decayed.
  • /toggleDecay <player> - Adds or removes a player from the list of excluded players in configuration.

Configuring a global decay and a group with no decays

Note: You can now do this with a simple configuration option so that specific players do not get any decays.

First things first, a decay is assigned with permissions, so a default decay needs to be created. You can use the Default Configuration to do this.

Once you have this global decay, give the permission for this default decay to the default group.

Now, you will want to create a separate decay, preferably at the bottom of the list of decays. On this new decay, configure it as you wish, but make sure the DecayTime option is set to -1. This will prevent any structures from decaying at all.

Finally, assign this permission to a certain group, and voila! Anyone in that group will no longer be affected by the default decays.

Further explanation with the TimerStyle configuration option

Lets assume I have a decay of 30 minutes (1800 in configuration), and let's say I leave at 00:00. My buildables will be destroyed at 00:30.

None - When I reconnect, the buildables will still be destroyed at 00:30, regardless if I go offline again or not.

Reset - When I reconnect, the target is updated to destroy in 30 minutes from when I joined. So if I joined at 00:15, my buildables will be destroyed at 00:45, regardless if I go offline again or not.

Stop - When I reconnect, the target is completely stopped. Once I leave, the target is set again 30 minutes into the future. So if I leave again at 00:30, my buildables will be destroyed at 01:00

Other Stuff

This plugin is still in it's early stages! Please submit as many bug reports as possible to the support email, and if you want to see another feature that would work well with this plugin, feel free to also suggest it on the support email.

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If you need to contact me, please send an email @ [email protected]

Changelog (v1.3.3)

Added support for rich text on all messages with translations.

User Reviews

Good plugin(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Feb 19, 2020

Good plugin

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Great Useful Plugin!(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Feb 8, 2020

Pretty much what BradleyCooper said. It's a great plugin and takes a lot of stress off of staff trying to wipe bases that are days old.

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Nice plugin(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jan 12, 2020

Plugin works as expected and has a lot of customization that is perfect for any server type. If you have a popular server that needs to have constant map cleaning this is the best way to automate it or if you just want players to stay online more to upkeep their base like in rust it can be done with this plugin. So far no bugs have been found and only features have been added.

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All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.