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The plugin's main function is the creation and usage of reward codes. When a player uses a code, he receives the defined reward, these rewards can be configured (See config example below). This plugin was based on an old plugin which existed in rocketmod that was erased.


  • /Claim (or) /Code (or) /RCCode (or) /Redeem -> Uses a code.
  • /GCode (or) /GenCode (or) /GenerateCode -> Generates a code to be used.
  • /MGen (or) /MassGen (or) /MassiveGenerate -> Generates several codes at once.


  • <The parameters inside <> are compulsory>

  • (The parameters inside the parenthesis () are optional and if left blank or the value is 0, the value is set to infinite)

  • /Claim <code>

  • /GCode <Type> <SomeData> (MaxUses) (CodeDuration) (Code)

  • /MGen <Amount> <Type> <SomeData> (MaxUses) (CodeDuration)


  1. /GCode experience 500 1 3600 exp
  2. /Claim exp
  • The 1st line generates a code that is Experience type, with the data of 500 experience (because the type is Experience type), that only 1 player can use, with 3600 seconds to use the code and the code is named exp.
  • The 2nd line claims the reward of the code with the name of exp.



Config Example:

Changelog (v1.3.7)

  • Fixes x3

User Reviews

It does exactly what it says(*)(*)(*)(*)( ) - May 15, 2020

Great plugin overall. The command takes in a lot of inputs so its hard to remember exactly what order to type things in.

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