Code Reward


Important: MySQL is required !!!


  The plugin has as main function the creation and the use of codes, this plugin was based on an old plugin existing in rockmod that later was erased.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Configurations xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
    <Cmd>pay (player) (amount)</Cmd>

Settings Information:

<Cmd>pay (player) (amount)</Cmd> -> This option allows you to configure the executed command to give the monetary reaward to the player.

(It is possible to add multiple commands in this option)


/redeem or /code -> CodeReward.code or CodeReward.redeem

/gcode or /gencode -> CodeReward.gcode or CodeReward.gencode

/mcode or /massivegen -> CodeReward.mgen or CodeReward.massivegen

/redeem <code>

/gcode group <GroupID> (Group_Duration) (Uses) (Code_Duration) (Code)

/gcode <Type> <Amount> (Uses) (Code_Duration) (Code)

/mgen group <GroupID> (Group_Duration) (Uses) (Code_Duration) (Amount of Codes)

/mgen <Type> <Amount> (Uses) (Code_Duration) (Amount of Codes)

Command information:

<Type> -> reward type of command: group, money, experience, vehicle.

<Amount> -> quantity or ID (vehicles)

(Group_Duration) -> the amount of time the player will stay in the group, or 0 for unlimited time. (minutes)

(Uses) -> the maximum uses of a code or 0 for unlimited uses.

(Code_Duration) -> duration of the code, or 0 for unlimited time. (minutes)

(Code) -> code in case you need a custom code.

(Amount of Codes) -> The number of codes to be generated.

Changelog (v1.0.8.7)


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