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All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.

Advanced Permissions

Current Features

  • MySQL Permissions.
  • Improved Rocket Permissions.
  • Rollback to rocket permissions or any other external permission system.
  • Permissions keep being updated server and database wise.
  • Possibility to reduce server-client lag for multiple servers in different regions.
  • Supports any external permissions system, and is not affected by simple on-load overrides of permissions system from other plugins (like uessentials and rocketregions).
  • Automatic permission migration.
  • Temporary group membership.
  • Improved /p command.
  • Custom options (Type of priority ordering, temporary membership types, wildcards, removing permissions, admins having all permissions, etc.)

Upcoming Features

  • Public API for developers.
  • Hybrid Cache

Arguments for /p

  • No argument
  • reload
  • groups
  • check
  • <player>
  • add <player> <group>
  • add <player> <group> <membership_duration>
  • remove <player> <group>
  • create <group>
  • delete <group>
  • addp <permission> <group>
  • removep <permission> <group>
  • addp <permission> <cooldown> <group>
  • color <color> <group>
  • prefix <prefix> <group>
  • suffix <suffix> <group>
  • displayname <name> <group>
  • id <id> <group>
  • list <permissions | members> <group>
  • priority <priority> <group>
  • parentgroup <parentgroup> <group>
  • details <group>


  • p.reload
  • p.all.groups
  • p.create
  • p.check
  • p.delete
  • p.details
  • p.add.permission
  • p.remove.permission
  • p.color
  • p.prefix
  • p.suffix
  • p.displayname
  • p.list
  • p.parentgroup
  • p.priority
  • p.add.player
  • p.remove.player

Other Stuff:

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Changelog for v1.1.15

Removed extra unnecessary logging. Fixed .Substring() from permissions with the removal prefix