Virtual Garage

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Virtual Garage

Probably the best option for your roleplay server if you want your users to have the best experience with a simple and powerful garage with great support from FPlugins


Extra features

1- You dont need to use MySQL, the plugin will set up his own database in a .db file, so you have the easiest set up ever

2- You dont have to install any library the plugin is set up in a way that openmod will download the libraries automatically from nuget

Set Up

1- Fill all the credentials in the imperialpluginsloader.dll

2- Restart your server

3- Set up garages and blacklist on the plugin configuration file

4- The plugin will set up his own database using LiteDB


Garages: # This is a list with all the garages for playes give them the permission soo them have access to them
- GarageName: "Small"                     # They will use the one with more spaces they have
  GarageSize: 2
  GaragePermission: "small"
- GarageName: "medium"
  GarageSize: 3
  GaragePermission: "medium"
- GarageName: "big"
  GarageSize: 10
  GaragePermission: "big"

BlacklistedVehicles: # A list with the blacklisted vehicles to save
- Ids: # Here it goes the ids of the vehicles its a list so you can add all the ones you want
  - 76
  BypassPermission: "Bypass.Taxi"
- Ids:
  - 35
  - 36
  BypassPermission: "Bypass.van"

BlacklistedBarricades: # A list with the blacklisted barricades to save
- Ids: # Here it goes the ids of the barricades its a list so you can add all the ones you want
  - 328
  BypassPermission: "Bypass.Locker"
- Ids:
  - 45
  BypassPermission: "Bypass.Barricade"

BlacklistedTrunkItems:  # A list with the blacklisted items to save on the trunk
- Ids: # Here it goes the ids of the items its a list so you can add all the ones you want
  - 4
  BypassPermission: "Bypass.Eaglefire"
- Ids:
  - 518
  - 520
  BypassPermission: "Bypass.Launcher"

  Enabled: true # Here you can enable or disable the ui mode
  PanelName: "Virtual Garage" # Sets the panel name on the top of the ui


  CorrectUsage: "Correct command usage: /gadd <vehicleName>"
  VehicleNotFound: "You are not looking at any vehicle"
  VehicleUnderWater: "The vehicle is underwater take it out of there to save it"
  VehicleDead: "The vehicle is dead"
  VehicleEmpty: "Tell the players inside the vehicle to go out"
  VehicleLock: "You must lock the vehicle before saving it"
  VehicleOwner: "You must be the vehicle owner to save it"
    Vehicle: "This vehicle is blacklisted from been saved to the garage"
    Item: "The vehicle contains a blacklisted item {Name}"
    Barricade: "The vehicle contains a blacklisted barricade {Name}"
  NoGarage: "You do not have a garage to save your cars"
  NoSpace: "You dont have more space in your garage"
  Success: "Successfully added your {Name} to your {Garage} garage"
  CorrectUsage: "Correct command usage: /gretrieve <vehicleName>"
  NotFound: "There is not any vehicle with that name in your garage"
  Success: "Successfully retrieved your {Name} from your garage"
  NoVehicles: "Your garage is empty"
  Vehicles: "Your vehicles are: {Names}"

Plans for the future

  • Allow admins to delete users cars using commands or probably ui
  • MySQL support (Priority)
  • Set Up garage spaces divided in vehicle types like boats planes motorcycles
  • If you have more plans ping me on imperialplugins or fplugins discord i listen to you

User Reviews

RP(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Dec 6, 2021

gg super bueno ez

1 out of 1 people found this helpful

Obviamente es el mejor :)

FPlugins | Dec 6, 2021
nice plugin(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Nov 19, 2021

nice plugin, creator supportive and responcive

1 out of 1 people found this helpful

The plugin works. You may have written a incorrect branch

FPlugins | Nov 13, 2021
Garaje virtual(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Oct 31, 2021

Muy bueno el servicio

1 out of 1 people found this helpful
great plugin (*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Nov 21, 2021

great support i would spend my money again on these guys

1 out of 1 people found this helpful
Great support(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Sep 2, 2021

FPlugins easily have the best customer service possible, if you buy plugins from these guys they will create perfection, Great plugin overall, great devs, keep up the good work

1 out of 1 people found this helpful

NIce !

FPlugins | Sep 5, 2021
I love it(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Aug 29, 2021

I love it

1 out of 1 people found this helpful


FPlugins | Aug 30, 2021
Great Plugin, Great Support(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jul 1, 2021

There were some issues with the rocketmod version at first but it got fixed right away and has been working great since. The UI is a nice touch for people that don't want to type the full name too.

1 out of 1 people found this helpful

Thanks ! I hope that the people from your server also likes the ui

FPlugins | Jul 1, 2021
Not RM compatible as stated(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jul 28, 2021

Looks like a great plugin, more stable than some others. Sadly I still use RM by choice. Rated high stars as I am familiar with modder and know he does good work.

UPDATE - after working with Feli via his discord, I was able to correct several issues preventing the Virtual Garage from working. As stated above, absolutely fantastic dev that truly cares about his customers. The UI is indeed a great touch.

1 out of 1 people found this helpful

Thanks ! The plugin works in rocket mod be sure you set the branch to rm4 in the loader, if you want more help contact me at discord or create a ticket.

FPlugins | Jun 30, 2021
Great Plugin(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jul 16, 2021

Thank you for a garage plugin that doesn't need mysql and supports rocketmod. If I could make a suggestion, a command to spawn a car from your garage without actually removing it from your garage would be great, that way I can make a super fancy car but not have to worry about it being destroyed.

1 out of 1 people found this helpful

Thanks for your review. Remember that in FPlugin we have everything you ever wanted !

FPlugins | Jun 29, 2021
Excellent(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jun 25, 2021


1 out of 1 people found this helpful

Thank for your review i hope you like all my other plugins !

FPlugins | Jun 27, 2021

Store: FPlugins

Price: $10

Supported payment methods
PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney

Supported Platforms
OpenMod, RocketMod

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.