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Translation is a plugin that will translate messages on your server into your desired target language for example: French => English or Russian => Spanish


As of right now Translation does NOT have support for ChatMaster, a fix is WIP and will be released as soon as possible


AdvancedLogging (default: true) => This is a feature that is purely for debugging purposes. If you are having issues enabling this feature will allow for assistance in remediating the issue

APIKey => This is generated for you when you first run the translation plugin on your server, this is unique to your server an should be not shared

EnableLocalCaching (default: false) => This will enable a cache on your server so that similar messages can be translated faster (this is an experimental feature and may result in some incorrect translations, it is disabled by default)

TargetTranslationLangCode (default: "en") => This is the target language of your server e.g. "en" for english a list of language codes can be found here (use the codes in the first column after the language name)

TranslateGroupChat (default: false) => This is an option to also translate messages sent the in the GROUP chat channel, this is disabled by default as most of the time people in the same group will speak the same language.


As this plugin relies on an external service ran by me that I am constantly updating, it is important that you join the discord to get any updates and maintenance notifications. Here is a link to the support discord

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