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This plugin allows your users to trade in a safe way without getting scammed by malicious players. Ideal for roleplay and pvp servers


  • Players can trade without needing an administrator o utilities
  • Both players can cancel a trade if they think the other player is offering something that they dont want
  • Players can see a preview of the items they are going to trade on a virtual storage. The plugin prevents them from been able to take the items
  • Multiples trade with different players are supported
  • No MySQL or any other prerequisites


  • /trade <send|accept|view|cancel|list>: This is the base command that grants access to all the funtions of the plugin
  • /trade view : This command is used to watch a preview of what the other user is offering you
  • /trade send : This command is used to send a trade request to another player
  • /trade list: This command is used to get the names of the players you are having a trade at the moment
  • /trade cancel : This command is used to cancel a trade
  • /trade accept : This command is uset to accept what the other player is offering you

Configuration & Translations

UI Mode

This plugin provides a ui to display messages to the players here is a preview


This section contains some plugins that works with the TradePlugin API

You can donwload the reference assembly here: Click Me

  1. DiscordNotifications

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Price: $5

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PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney

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All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.