Server Details Bot

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This does not require a plugin to be added to the server, this is only a Discord Bot and is hosted for you!

Display key, accurate and up-to-date information about your game server!


  • Discord Embedded Message that displays:
  • Server Name
  • Player Count
  • Server IP & Port
  • Server Map (Optional)
  • Player List (Optional)
  • Player Connection Time
  • Custom Embed Color
  • Automatically Updates every ~3 minutes
  • Click here for an example


  1. Invite the bot here
  2. Type !register [License] [IP] [Query Port] [Display Port]
  • License: Your License key from Imperial Plugins
  • IP: Your Server's IP Address
  • Query Port: Your Server's port + 1 (Typically 27015 becomes 27016)
  • Display Port: Your Server's normal port (Typically 27015)

Respond to the Bot's questions with either Reactions or a Hex color code (#00FF00)


  • Manage Messages (In desired channel)
  • Send Messages
  • Read Messages
  • Embed Links


User Reviews

5/5(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Sep 28, 2021

Was easy to set up and does its job. A nice plugin overall! :) The support also is fast over discord.

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Worked very well and simple to use!(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Sep 5, 2021

Took about 5-10 minutes to setup. really good

0 out of 0 people found this helpful
Works As Expected (*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Aug 2, 2021

Works Great and Modern Mo was very helpful

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Vary good plugin!!!(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Apr 4, 2021

Vary good plugin!!!

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goood(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Feb 14, 2021

very good plugin and useful also very good service

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Great plugin would recommend(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Dec 11, 2020

I love this plugin and would highly recommend it. Yea it could probably use some more features and there are also free options but the support you get with this and the fact it has a little more info than free options makes it worth the $4.

1 out of 1 people found this helpful
Great Support(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Oct 17, 2020

The guy that made this literally went into a discord call with me to help set this up. Thanks man.

1 out of 1 people found this helpful
10/10(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Aug 8, 2020

Easy to setup, cheap and very good.

1 out of 1 people found this helpful
Review(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - May 25, 2020

One of the best Discord Bots for Unturned

1 out of 1 people found this helpful
Simple Server Details Bot(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Mar 29, 2021

A simple bot that allows players to view the server name, amount of players, names of players within the server, map, port, IP and the amount of time each player has been on the server upon joining. Simple setup and worth the price.

3 out of 3 people found this helpful

Store: Modern's Bots

Price: $3.99

Supported payment methods
PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney

Supported Platforms

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.