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Are you tired of having your admins constantly having to sell houses? Now you can fully automate this process, this plugin allows you to purchase properties with multiple barricades on them all using a simple UI. Never worry about staff having to manage houses anymore, this plugin fully automates the process after being set up once!

Required workshop mod


  • Players use a simple UI to fully manage their property
  • Inactivity system: when a player goes inactive long enough for their barricades to despawn, the property's doors and barricades will not despawn, instead the property will be put back for sale completely automatically
  • You can have as many barricades as you want for each property
  • Any barricade that is attached to a property is unbreakable and cannot be salvaged
  • You can set up limits on how many properties each player can own
  • Uses JSON for database, no need to set up any database
  • Use Uconomy OR experience for currency

Commands (All commands should be ADMIN ONLY, players can use the UI to purchase and manage their properties)

  • Permission: PropertySystem.Manage

  • /property add | Adds a new property

  • /property remove | Removes a property

  • /property addbarricade | Adds a new barricade to the specified property

  • /property removebarricade | Removes the barricade you are looking at from any property that it is attached to

  • /property reset | Resets the specified property (removes owner/group)


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User Reviews

Best plugin ever(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jan 25, 2024


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Best Property Plugin(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Dec 22, 2023

Highly useful on my server and everybody loves it. completely automated house-selling system. Amazing!

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Store: Akulation

Price: $20

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PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney

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All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.