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  • Global options to enable/disable siphoning, lockpicking, repairing of vehicles.
  • Toggle indestructible tires.
  • Permission based options to enable/disable siphoning, lockpicking, repairing. (Global options must be set to false in order for them to work)
  • Permission based options to allow/disallow players in certain vehicles.
  • Allows locked admin (Bluehammer) vehicles to be indestructible if they are the driver or if they have locked the vehicle.


  • vehiclerestrictions.siphon Allows players to siphon vehicles.
  • vehiclerestrictions.lockpick Allows players to use a stealy wheely.
  • Allows players to repair vehicles.
  • vehiclerestrictions.bypass All of the above.

User Reviews

Amazing Support(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jun 25, 2022

Had an error when loading the plugin, papershredder432 was able to resolve it quickly. Also had a few questions and they were able to help me with. Also requested a feature and it was added within minutes.

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Doesn't work at all.(*)( )( )( )( ) - Feb 24, 2022

the plugin will connect with the loader but no plugin will actually load in to your server. Waste of money...

0 out of 1 people found this helpful

You never asked for support in the ImperialPlugins Discord, and the issue you are describing is something that happens to the loader. So instead of writing an angry review stating "doesnt work", ask for some help.

papershredder432 | Feb 25, 2022

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