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Mute troublesome players!

IceMute allows staff to mute troublesome users and storing mutes in a MySQL database.


  • Mute/Unmute troublesome players
  • Check a players mute info
  • Log mutes to Discord using a webhook
  • Have a list of bad words that auto mutes the player
  • Bypass bad word list permission (Configurable)
  • Exempt from being muted permission (Configurable)
  • Uses MySQL to synchronize across a server network
  • Optimized and completely configurable!


  • /mute <player> <time> <reason>
  • /unmute <player>
  • /muteinfo <player>



  • Johnanater.IceMute:commands.mute
  • Johnanater.IceMute:commands.unmute
  • Johnanater.IceMute:commands.muteinfo
  • Johnanater.IceMute:commands.icemute
  • Johnanater.IceMute:bypass (Bypass bad word list)
  • Johnanater.IceMute:exempt (Exempt from being muted)


  • icemute.mute
  • icemute.unmute
  • icemute.muteinfo
  • icemute.bypass (Bypass bad word list)
  • icemute.exempt (Exempt from being muted)


This plugin and it's messages are completely configurable! Click to see the config OpenMod (RocketMod, and the translations OpenMod RocketMod!

Migrating From RocketMod

If you are migrating from the RocketMod version to the OpenMod version, you can migrate your MySQL database to the new system using the command /icemute rmmigrate <tableName> <ipAddress> <databaseName> <username> <password> <port>.

The new OpenMod version also supports a local .yaml file datastore to store mutes, so a MySQL datbase is not required.


If you need some help, feel free to contact me on Discord! Johnanater#6836

Or send me an email at [email protected]!

User Reviews

Fantastic(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Mar 1, 2021

This plugin is a great plugin to have on any type of server, you can mute a player from chat and in voicechat at the same time, its really geat to have when player that are only on to ruin and screaming, so you can just mute them and they wont be a big problem, it also loggs everything in a discord channel that you can that you can make custom. I recommend this plugin for everyone

2 out of 2 people found this helpful

Thanks for you review!

Johnanater | Mar 2, 2021

Store: Johnanater

Price: $9.99

Supported payment methods
PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney

Supported Platforms
RocketMod, OpenMod

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.