Enchant Table

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Enchant table


  • Enchant your items to get better items
  • Cool animation
  • Chance system
    • 0.01 -> 99.99 %
    • Results with same chances will be randomly selected if the chance is generated
    • When a player generates a chance higher than the highest chance in the table it will automatically select the item with highest chance in the enchant

Required Workshop



  • TimeWaitExpired (time that player needs to wait before next enchantment when player's current enchant session expires)
  • TimeWaitNoItems (time that player needs to wait before next enchantment when enchant table is closed with no items)
  • TimeLock (enchanting session time)
  • IngredientMoney (uconomy if 0 disabled)
  • IngredientItems (items that are required for the enchantment)
  • Enchants (Enchantment results)


  • Animations are only played in certain radius therefore you cannot place enchant tables too close to each other

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