Code Locks

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Have you ever wanted to secure objects with code locks in Unturned?

Using this plugin, players can add code locks to doors and storages - providing access to anyone who knows the code.


Simply lock a door/storage using the /lock <code> command. From here, other players can walk up to the object and attempt to use it. A keypad will pop up prompting for the code. Clicking anywhere on the screen except the keypad will close it.

By default, each incorrect attempt will deal a bit more damage each time, until the player is killed.


  • /lock <code> - Adds a code lock to an object, or changes if one already exists.
  • /unlock - Removes the code lock from an object.


  1. Specify in your Imperial Plugins config the openmod branch.
  2. Add the following workshop id to your WorkshopDownloadConfig.json file - 2407368422


  • Effects - Effect ids used by the plugin. Switch success and failure to zero to disable sounds.
  • Attempts - Settings related to failed attempts to enter a code.
    • Cooldown - The time (in seconds) before an attempt is 'forgotten'.
    • Damages - The damage to be dealt at a certain failed attempt. Example: 0, 30, 50, 255 Zero damage would be dealt on the first attempt, 30 on the next, the max damage would be dealt on the fourth attempt (and all attempts afterwards).

User Reviews

Really awesome(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Mar 2, 2021

Awesome plugin, super simple. also fast whitelist

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