BTAdv. Welcoming

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Ever hated when you have that one single message that greets players when they join the server and says goodbye when they leave. Now you can have Randomized Welcoming and Leaving messages for your players! New players get their own special Welcoming message.


  • Randomized Welcoming Messages
  • Randomied Leaving Messages
  • Display a Custom Message when a player first joins the server!
  • Assign Experience and Items when a player first joins the server!
  • Rich Text Support

Message Options

  • %PlayerName% - Displays the Players Character Name
  • %DisplayName% - Displays the Players Display Name
  • %SteamID% - Displays the Players SteamID
  • %Player_SteamName% - Displays the Players Steam Name
  • %Player_Health% - Displays the Players Health
  • %Player_Food% - Displays the Players Food
  • %Player_Water% - Displays the Players Water
  • %Player_Stamina% - Displays the Players Stamina
  • [ - Replaces with <
  • ] - Replaces with >
  • { - Replaces with [
  • } - Replaces with ]


<Message>[color=#F3F3F3]{[color=#29AD17]+[/color][color=#F3F3F3]}[/color] [color=#126CFF]%PlayerName%[/color] [color=#F3F3F3]has connected to the server[/color]<Message>
<Message>%Player_SteamName% joined us. Food: %Player_Food% | Water: %Player_Water%<Message>


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Price: $3.99

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All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.