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Adds a simple UI to your player's screen showing the armor percentage values for each piece of clothing they are wearing, plus the space left in their backpack!


  • Shows armor percentage value for the player's Helmet, Shirt, Vest and Pants.
  • Shows total slots and available slots in the player's backpack.
  • Ability to choose whether the UI is on the side of the screen or at the bottom next to the vanilla HUD.
  • Full translation and rich text support. (Use [ and ] in translations instead of < and > for rich text)
  • User-definable chat message icon.
  • /armorui command for players to toggle the UI on or off on their screen. (State is saved and is persistent through player re-connects and server restarts).
  • New: Option to show current clothing durability instead of the armor percentage value.
  • New: Option to show current backpack durability instead of total slots and available slots in the player's backpack.

Rich Text Example

Workshop Mod

The plugin requires the following workshop mod.

UI Position

The two currently available UI positions are on the left of the screen, or in the bottom left of the screen beside the vanilla HUD.

This position is controlled with the ArmorEffectID value in the plugin configuration. Use ID 37001 to position at the bottom and 37002 to position to the left.

The plugin also supports custom UI implementations. Please contact me if you're interested in commissioning a custom version of the UI to fit your server!

Commands & Permissions

  • /armorui - Toggles the Armor UI on or off for the player. Permission: applearmorui.command.armorui

Configuration & Translations

Config Options:
  • New: ShowClothingDurabillityInsteadOfArmorValue: Makes the UI display the current durability of clothing instead of the default armor value.
  • New: ShowBackpackDurabillityInsteadOfItemCount: Makes the UI display the current durability of the backpack instead of the default available/total item slots value.

View configuration and translation examples here.


For support, please submit a ticket or contact me through Discord: @applemanyt.

If you discover an issue with the plugin, please contact me before leaving a negative review. I am more than happy to help you resolve any problems.

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Nice work

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It's a good pluging!

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I'm glad you liked it!

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