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❗ Current Issues

There's an issue with the cooldown and redeem limit of the kits at the moment. An update is planned very soon.

❗ Note

The shop page is not fully implemented yet. Therefore it's currently disabled.

Optional Dependency


  • welcomegui.use - Allows the player to view the UI

💡 Note

The permission is not in use for the moment.

Chat Command

  • info - Opens the UI

You can change the command to something else of your choice from the config.

1. Global Configuration

The plugin is highly customizable and offers a variety of configurations for each UI component.

1.1 Update Interval

There's no need to reopen the UI to update the displayed information. By default, the UI and its elements will refresh every 6 minutes.

1.2 Transparency

You can adjust how blurry the backgrounds are by playing with the transparency color.

"Background Transparency": 0.1,
"Side Menu Transparency": 0.2,
"Main Menu Transparency": 0.2,

1.3 Click Sound Effect

The sound effect will play when clicking on the event cells, exit button, next and back buttons, kit claim button, FAQ items, and side menu items.

You can change the sound effect from the config.

"Click Sound Effect": "assets/prefabs/locks/keypad/effects/lock-code-deploy.prefab",

1.4 Fade In Effect

Every component, text, item, and background of the UI is provided with a fade-in effect, giving the UI more smoothness and a better look.

"Enable Fade In": true,
    "Main Background Fade In": 0.1,
    "Side Menu Container Fade In": 1.0,
    "Side Menu Content Fade In": 1.5,
    "Content Container Fade In": 1.5,
    "Content Fade In": 2.0,
    "Content Items Fade In Interval": 0.01,

💡 Explanation

If you set 2.0 as a value for the "Content Fade In" and 0.01 for "Content Items Fade In" in that case

  • Fade in time for item 11 will be 2.0 seconds.
  • Fade in time of the items 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 will be based on their index (Order). The index of item 5 is 0, 6 is 1, and so on.

Meaning, the fade in time for items 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 will be

  • 5: 2 + (0.01 * 0) = 2 seconds
  • 6: 2 + (0.01 * 1) = 2.01 seconds
  • 7: 2 + (0.01 * 2) = 2.02 seconds
  • 8: 2 + (0.01 * 3) = 2.03 seconds
  • 9: 2 + (0.01 * 4) = 2.04 seconds
  • 10: 2 + (0.01 * 5) = 2.05 seconds

1.5 Advert Banners

You may set an image at the top of each page as an advertisement or banner.

💡 Note

The image resolution should be 1350 x 80.

2. FAQ Page

You can use this page to display server rules, FAQs, news, and anything you want as text.

2.1 Adding Questions

You can add as many questions as you want by duplicating this config and giving it a new number sequentially.

 "1": {
    "Enabled": true,
    "Question": "When does the server wipe?",
    "Answer": "The armored double door is the highest tier double door and is the best for base defense. Because of its high durability, if the door is placed in a weak wall frame, raiders may target the wall frame instead of the door itself.\n\nThe door has working hatches and these hatches allow you to see outside of the door and can be shot through in both directions."

You can also disable questions from appearing on the page while keeping them in the config.

💡 Note

The plugin uses an improved UI helper, which makes the UI components of the questions dynamic, meaning it tries automatically to calculate the required space for each item when you expand the question.

3. Servers Page

On this page, you can view the current players' count for all your servers.

3.1 Adding Servers

To add a server, all you need is the server IP and Port. No API keys are required.

"1": {
  "Enabled": true,
  "Server Name": "[ US ] Training Ground",
  "IP": "",
  "Port": 28015

3.2 Servers Customization

You can change the players' count display bar color of the servers to the color you want.

4. Kits Page

This page shows all the kits that have been created using the Kits plugin.

5.1 Adding Kits

When creating a kit, it'll automatically appear on the kits page. However, you may need to reload the plugin. Also, keep in mind that private kits won't appear.

6. Shop Page

Disabled for the moment.

7. Calendar Page

This page is more than a wipe schedule. You can use it to show special events, restart or maintenance days, updates, and more.

7.1 Force Wipes

When the "Auto Generate Force Wipes" config is enabled, the plugin will automatically calculate and generate the force wipe days and display them on the events page.

💡 Note

The config file, specifically the events list, will be updated on plugin load, and the plugin will add the force wipe dates to it if they don't exist.

7.2 Adding Events

To add an event, duplicate this config, select the day and time, and set the event name.

    "Date and Time": "2021-06-19T13:30:00",
    "Display Text": "Maintenance Day",
    "Cell Color": "#6B823E",
    "Text Color": "#EFEBE0"

7.3 Calendar Customization

You have complete control over the page layout as you can customize the colors, blur, transparency, and texts as you want.

"Customizations": {
      "Empty - Cell Blur": true,
      "Empty - Cell Color": "#000000",
      "Empty - Transparency": 0.5,
      "Empty - Cell Text Color": "#FFFFFF",
      "Event - Cell Color": "#6B823E",
      "Event - Cell Text Color": "#EFEBE0",
      "Current Day Cell Color": "#3C7DB3",
      "Current Day Text Color": "#EFEBE0",
      "Force Wipe Display Text": "Force Wipe"

8. Leaderboard Page

The leaderboard stores nine different types of PVP stats for players which are

  • Kills
  • Deaths
  • KD Ratio
  • Headshots
  • Headshots Accuracy
  • Fired Shots
  • Hits
  • Hit Accuracy
  • Born Time

In addition to ranking players and displaying their Steam IDs.

💡 Note

The plugin stores players' stats in the leaderboard.json data file under the WelcomeGui folder.

"PlayerId": 76561122840241302,
      "Name": "ﻢﻟﺎﺳ ﺮﻳﺰﻟﺍ",
      "Kills": 0,
      "Deaths": 0,
      "ShotsFired": 0,
      "ShotsHit": 0,
      "HeadShots": 0,
      "TimeBorn": 1624006730,
      "KillDeathRatio": 0.0,
      "HeadShotsAccuracy": 0.0,
      "Accuracy": 0.0

8.1 Privacy Configuration

You can hide admins from appearing on the leaderboard page by enabling this config, as well as hiding Steam IDs of players if you want.

		"Hide Steam IDs": true,
    "Hide Admins": true,

8.2 Leaderboard Customization

As the calendar page, the leaderboard is fully customizable.

"Customizations": {
      "Current Player - Cell Color": "#3C7DB3",
      "Current Player - Cell Text Color": "#FFFFFF",
      "Current Player - Transparency": 1.0,
      "Player - Cell Blur": true,
      "Player - Cell Color": "#000000",
      "Player - Cell Text Color": "#FFFFFF",
      "Player - Transparency": 0.5

User Reviews

Update?(*)(*)(*)(*)( ) - May 4, 2023

I love the Plugin but it has been over a year since any update has been done. I bought it in Jan 2022 with the understanding there would be some update forthcoming. The plugin has many great features but is broken in a few spots. Please address the known issues.

1 out of 1 people found this helpful
Great looking plugin with great features(*)(*)( )( )( ) - May 18, 2022

This is a great looking plugin filled with features. Wondering when an update will be pushed to fix it.

2 out of 3 people found this helpful
Good(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Nov 3, 2021

We are waiting for the completion of work on shop, and the possibility of executing the command button.

1 out of 1 people found this helpful
cal(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Oct 28, 2021

nice plugin as always from dana

2 out of 2 people found this helpful
Great Looking and easy setup.(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jul 14, 2021

The only negative thing I can think to put is that I wish the leaderboard had a title for which leaderboard I am viewing, and that the store was functional with server rewards store_data. other than that, great Plugin!!!

1 out of 1 people found this helpful
Nothing but the best(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jul 4, 2021

Super clean looking GUI, haven't found anything else out there that compares.

1 out of 1 people found this helpful

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Price: $20

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PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney

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All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.