Teleport Gui

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Teleport around the map with the help of GUI


  • teleportgui.use -- Allows using the GUI to teleport
  • teleportgui.admin -- Allows using admin commands

Chat Commands

  • /tele.set <tileNumber> [<tileName>] [<radius>] [<imageUrl>] -- Allows creating teleport locations
  • /tele.toggle <tileNumber> -- Allows enabling or disabling a specific teleport location
  • / -- Opens the GUI


  "TeleportGuiConfig": {
    "Plugin - Enabled": true,
    "Default image address for teleport tiles": "",
    "Background image for close button": "",
    "Color HEX code for the blur background image": "#000000",
    "alpha amount for the blur background image (0-1)": 0.5


  "TeleportPositionsData": {
    "1": {
      "IsEnabled": true,
      "Position": {
        "x": 538.5668,
        "y": 5.634486,
        "z": -1077.71033
      "Radius": 0.0,
      "ImageAddress": "",
      "DisplayName": "Arid"


  "NoPermission": "You don't have permission to use this command",
  "NotEnabled": "The plugin isn't enabled.",
  "WrongCommand": "You entered a wrong command, available commands are: {0}",
  "TeleportPositionUpdated": "The teleport position is updated.",
  "InvalidRadius": "You entered an invalid radius.",
  "InvalidImageUrl": "You entered an invalid image url.",
  "InvalidTileNumber": "You entered an invalid tile number."

User Reviews

Cant help but feeling scammed(*)(*)(*)(*)( ) - Jun 10, 2022

It only teleports you to world set locations

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Okay, now it works(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Dec 5, 2020

When I clicked the download link, all I got as the loader. .cs file works great. Thank you

3 out of 3 people found this helpful

The loader is not needed, you can download the cs file directly

Dana | Dec 3, 2020

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