Helicopter Tiers

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Custom Helicopter Tiers v1.6.1

Set various helicopter tiers and customize them without limits, damage modifiers, loot tables, spawns, commands, rewards, and much more!


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General Use and Overview


  • customhelicoptertiers.call.<tier_name> -- allows calling a specific helicopter tier.
  • customhelicoptertiers.call.all -- allows calling any and all helicopter tiers.
  • customhelicoptertiers.kill.<tier_name> -- allows destroying a specific helicopter tiers.
  • customhelicoptertiers.kill.all -- allows destroying any and all helicopter tiers.
  • customhelicoptertiers.spawn -- allows using spawns chat commands.
  • customhelicoptertiers.edit -- allows editing the loot table of helicopters.
  • customhelicoptertiers.limits.<name> -- assigns a set of command limits. replace with the specified name in ["Custom Limits"] config.

Chat Commands

  • /heli.call <tier_name> -- calls the specified helicopter tier to a random location.
  • /heli.call <tier_name> here -- adding here at the end will spawn the helicopter at your location.
  • /heli.kill <tier_name> -- destroys the specified helicopter.
  • /heli.kill all -- destroys all helicopters.
  • /heli.spawn set <name> X Y Z -- sets custom spawn target to specific coordinate.
  • /heli.spawn set <name> -- sets the current position as custom spawn target.
  • /heli.spawn show <optional time> -- displays all set custom spawn targets.
  • /heli.spawn delete <name> -- deletes specific custom spawn target.
  • /heli.loot <tier> -- creates loot table for specific tier helicopter.

Console Commands

  • heli.call <tier_name> -- calls the specified helicopter tier to random location.
  • heli.kill <tier_name> -- destroys the specified helicopter.
  • heli.kill all -- destroys all helicopters.
  • heli.list -- lists all set helicopter tiers.
  • heli.call <tier_name> <steamid> -- calls the specified helicopter tier to a specific player.

Damage Modifiers

1.1. Rockets - Blunt Damage
  • modifies the blunt damage caused by a single rocket.
1.2. Rockets - Explosion Damage
  • modifies the explosion damage caused by a single rocket.
1.3. Rockets - Explosion Radius
  • modifies the radius of an explosion caused by a single rocket.
1.4. Rockets - Max Launched Rockets
  • sets the maximum rockets launched per attack.
1.5. Rockets - Time Between Each Rocket In Seconds
  • adjusts the launch time between each rocket.
2.1. Turrets - Bullet Damage
  • adjusts the damage a single bullet from helicopter machine guns can deal - Default 20
2.2. Turrets - Max Bullet Range
  • adjusts the maximum range of the machine guns - Default 300
2.3. Turrets - Bullet Accuracy
  • adjusts the accuracy of the machine guns - Default 2
2.4. Turrets - Bullet Speed
  • adjusts the travel speed of the bullet - Default 250
2.5. Turrets - Interval Between Bursts In Seconds
  • adjusts the cooldown between each burst of machine guns - Default 3
2.6. Turrets - Duration of Burst In Seconds
  • adjusts the fire duration of the machine guns - Default 3
2.7. Turrets - Fire Rate In Seconds
  • adjusts the fire speed of the machine guns - Default 0.125

Global Modifiers

The following modifiers can't be set individually for each helicopter tier, as they're global configs for the server and not the plugin. Keep in mind, changing them will affect all of the patrol helicopters.

    "Damage - Turrets - Bullet Accuracy": 2.0,
    "Spawn - Maximum Helicopter Life Time In Minutes": 15.0

Optional Dependency

This plugin supports both ServerRewards and Economics plugins, as it allows the players to receive Reward Points and Money when taking down the helicopter.


This plugin can not be compatible with AutomatedEvents unless you have the config of Patrol Helicopter Event disabled. Otherwise, there won't be conflicts.


The plugin provides stats upon helicopter kill which are,

  • Most accurate player with hitting the helicopter rotors.
  • The total damage dealt to the helicopter.
  • Time spent to take the helicopter down.


You can add as many tiers as you want, but make sure to keep the level names without spaces.

"Levels": {
  "Elite":    {},
  "Regular":  {},
  "Military": {}


  "Config": {
    "Plugin - Enabled": true,
    "ServerRewards - Enabled": true,
    "Economics - Enabled": false,
    "Damage - Turrets - Bullet Accuracy": 2.0,
    "Spawn - Disable Rust Default Helicopter": true,
    "Spawn - Maximum Helicopter Life Time In Minutes": 15.0,
    "Spawn Locations": {
      "Airfield": {
        "x": 0.0,
        "y": 0.0,
        "z": 0.0
    "Helicopter - Tiers": {
      "Regular": {
        "Helicopter - Enabled": true,
        "Damage - Rockets - Blunt Damage": 175.0,
        "Damage - Rockets - Explosion Damage": 100.0,
        "Damage - Rockets - Explosion Radius": 6.0,
        "Damage - Rockets - Max Launched Rockets": 12,
        "Damage - Rockets - Time Between Each Rocket In Seconds": 0.2,
        "Damage - Turrets - Bullet Damage": 20.0,
        "Damage - Turrets - Max Bullet Range": 300.0,
        "Damage - Turrets - Bullet Speed": 250,
        "Damage - Turrets - Interval Between Bursts In Seconds": 3.0,
        "Damage - Turrets - Duration of Burst In Seconds": 3.0,
        "Damage - Turrets - Fire Rate In Seconds": 0.125,
        "Health - Body Health": 10000.0,
        "Health - Main Rotor Health": 750.0,
        "Health - Tail Rotor Health": 375.0,
        "Misc - Helicopter Speed": 25.0,
        "Misc - Helicopter Startup Length In Seconds": 0.0,
        "Misc - Helicopter Startup Speed": 25.0,
        "Misc - Prevent Loot Crates Spawn When Force Kill": true,
        "Loot - Gibs HP": 500.0,
        "Loot - Gibs Harvest Cooldown In Seconds": 480.0,
        "Loot - Only Invoker Can Loot": false,
        "Loot - Admin Bypass Crates Cooldown": true,
        "Loot - Max Crates": 4,
        "Loot - Crates Unlock Cooldown In Minutes": 15.0,
        "Loot - Enable Custom Loot Table": true,
        "Loot - Maximum Amount": 2,
        "Loot - Minimum Amount": 1,
        "Loot - Custom Loot Table": [
            "ItemId": -742865266,
            "ItemShortName": "ammo.rocket.basic",
            "SkinId": 0,
            "Amount": 3,
            "IsBlueprint": false
        "Spawn - Max Active Helicopters": 3,
        "Spawn - Custom - Enabled": true,
        "Spawn - Custom - Location Name": "Airfield",
        "Spawn - Randomized - Enabled": false,
        "Spawn - Minimum Time In Minutes": 60.0,
        "Spawn - Maximum Time In Minutes": 120.0,
        "Kill - Reward Points": 1000,
        "Kill - Economics": 1000,
        "Command - Default Cooldown In Minutes": 60.0,
        "Command - Default Daily Limit": 3,
        "Command - Custom Limits": {
          "VIP": {
            "Cooldown Minutes": 60.0,
            "Daily Limit": 3
      "Military": null,
      "Elite": null

Custom Loot Table

To create a loot table to specific helicopter tier, use the command /heli.loot <tier>. After that, a crate in front of you will spawn where you can drop the wished items in to create the loot table.

If you had already items set in config, those items will appear in the crate as well, allowing you to modify it easily.

You can also duplicate this config format to add new items to the loot table. But when adding items manually, make sure to use their short names which can be found here Rust Items List

"Loot - Custom Loot Table": [
     "ItemId": -742865266,
     "ItemShortName": "ammo.rocket.basic",
     "SkinId": 0,
     "Amount": 3,
     "IsBlueprint": false

Adjusting items chances can be done through these 2 configs, which determine the minimum and maximum available slots in the helicopter crates to spawn items in.

  "Loot - Maximum Amount": 2,
  "Loot - Minimum Amount": 1,

Crates Unlock Cooldown

Set it to -1 for no cooldown.

Custom Spawn Locations

You can add custom locations either through the config or by using the heli.spawn chat commands. Each helicopter tier accepts only one custom spawn location.

"Spawn - Locations": {
  "Airfield": {
    "x": 0.0,
    "y": 0.0,
    "z": 0.0

Custom Command Limits

This plugin provides dynamic permissions that allow infinite customization for each helicopter tier.

To add custom limits assigned to permission, head to the ["Command - Custom Limits"] config and create a new custom limit with the name "VIP" as follows,

  "Command - Custom Limits": {
    "VIP": {
      "Cooldown In Minutes": 0.0,
      "Daily Limit": 3

In this example,

  • customhelicoptertiers.limits.VIP permission will grant no cooldown and 3 limited daily uses.

In case a player has both permissions, he'll be using the best available limits from each of them.

Max Active Helicopters

Set it to -1 for an unlimited number of helicopters per tier.

Admin Bypass Crates Cooldown

Enabling this option will allow admins to bypass the fire-lock of the crates immediately.


The default messages are in CustomHelicopterTiers.json file under the oxide/lang/en directory.

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