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Each RolePlay server must have time plugin. But usually such plugins are very useless, because they do not add any special functionality. Our plugin will help you implement some of your ideas. For example, you can use events to make a salary system with your own hands, give all sorts of buns to players at a certain time, or start some games.

Discord for support: LenzMix#4596 or DiscordServer

All functions:

  • 2 UIs that perform the same functions (For example, in 1 UI you want to display the time, and in the other you want to display the week)
  • 3 types of events: player, console and consoletoplayer
  • You can perform events for players selectively (By permissions)
  • At 1 point in time, you can perform an unlimited number of events
  • Time adapts to your game cycle
  • Full and abbreviated names of days of weeks

How to configure in the configuration:

In TimeEvents, you can add a new point in time using TimeEvent. It has 3 positions: CurHour, CurMinute, CurDay

Then you can add in TimeEvent position -** Events **- A list with events that you can enter actions in.

Event has several light strings: Type, Permission and** Command**

Type is required for selecting the action face (consoletoplayer, player, console)

Command is required for entering commands.

Permission is required to enter the right, which must have the player to event is fulfilled for him (only Needed for consoletoplayer and player)

Configuration File:

<Config xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
      <name>Its may Gay Story)</name>
          <command>i * glue 1</command>
          <command>%CurHour% + %CurDay% + %CurName%</command>
      <name>Its may Gay Story)</name>
          <command>exp 1000 %PlayerPerm%</command>
          <command>%CurHour% + %CurDay% + %CurName%</command>


  • /settime - Set new time (Permission: settime)
  • /setday - Set day of the week (Permission: setweek)
  • /checkday- Check current day and week in chat (Permission: checkday)

Sheet types:

  • player - make action by players who have the right of the row Permission (If Permission to enter "all", the action will perform all the players)
  • console - does the console
  • consoletoplayer - the action is performed by the console on players who have the right from the Permission line (If you enter "all" in Permission, then all players will perform the action)

Replacement list:

  • %CurHour% - Hour
  • %CurMinute% - Minute
  • %CurDay% - Day of the week
  • %CurDayMin% - Day of the week (Abbreviated)
  • %CurName% - Name of Event
  • %PlayerName% - Player SteamID (Use for consoletoplayer and player if it is needed)

In the future:

  • More types and functions are planned to be added
  • Sync with other plugins

WorkShop: UI Time

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