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  1. Buy a house without the need for an admin to be online.
  2. Sell apartments and whole houses (furnished and unfurnished).
  3. Supports XP, Uconomy or AviEconomy(UconomyToAviEconomy).
  4. Virtual Inventory for every property. (can be disabled)
  5. Blacklisting items for Virtual Inventory.
  6. All the plugin is UI-based.
  7. Can be fully translated. (ui too)
  8. Adds sale sign assets.
  9. Limits the number of homes owned by permissions.


  • /teleporthouse [HouseID] OR /tphouse [HouseID] (permission:teleporthouse)
  • /addsalesign [HouseID] ** OR** /assign [HouseID] (permission: addsalesign)
  • /createhouse [Price] OR /chouse [Price] (permission: createhouse)
  • /addfurniture [HouseID] OR /af [HouseID] (permission: addfurniture)
  • /findplayerhouses [SteamID] OR /fphouses [SteamID] (permission: findplayerhouses)
  • /openinvhouse [HouseID] OR /ohouse [HouseID] (permission: openinvhouse)


  • You as admin have to setup every house you want to be sold.
  • To buy a property or view information, punch the main door and an UI will popup.


  1. MySQL Server


Property Setup Tutorial

In order to set up houses, you have to place the door in a frame and simply run the following command "/createhouse [price]" looking at the desired door.

Next we can add furniture, you must place the furniture (where you want it to be placed when someone buys the house), then execute the command "/addfurniture [house id]" (you can put as much furniture as you want, but remember to execute the command looking at the furniture) - (the secondary doors act as furniture, so you have to add them as furniture)

To place the for sale sign and show the price of the property, you must place the sign (ID 4877) and execute "/addsalesign [house id]" and it will automatically show the price of the property - (This sign is automatically removed when a person buys the property).


When a user leaves a property, the property is removed from the database and the front door is locked. For that property to become operational again, an administrator must remove the barricades from the property and redo the house again.


Discord ID: educatalan02#1236 or via ImperialPlugins Discord Server.

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