What is RocketMod?

RocketMod is an Unturned server module that adds support for plugins to Unturned.
All ImperialPlugins Unturned plugins require RocketMod to be installed.


To install RocketMod, extract the contents of the to your Unturned servers root folder.
After that it will generate a "Rocket" folder inside your server folder.

Source Code

RocketMod is open source, you can get it's source code from GitHub.
RocketMod 4 Source Code
RocketMod 4 for Unturned Soure Code


RocketMod and RocketMod for Unturned are MIT licensed.
RocketMod 4 License
RocketMod 4 for Unturned License

Get RocketMod for Unturned

Download RocketMod 4