• Players can buy & sell regions (even if offline)
  • Best for roleplay servers
  • Addon for Rocket-Regions (free)
  • Works with Uconomy and AviEconomy (with UconomyToAviEconomy)
  • Support for flags based on permissions (owners can only access the flags you want)


  • /buyregion [name]: Buys the region you are currently in or you wrote in the command
  • /sellregion <price or 0 to not sell anymore> [Name]: Sets the current region you are in or you wrote in the command for sale


  • There are a lot of flags the plugin adds but the only flag you should use is the one below (the other plugin flags are handled by the plugin itself)!
  • /rflag <region> buyable <true / false>: only regions which have this set to true can be bought or sold
  • For a list of all other flags, please see Rocket-Regions page!


  • "buyregion" to buy regions
  • "sellregion" to sell regions
  • (from Rocket-Regions) regions.flag.<FlagName>: Allows the owner to use that flag.
  • Example for flag permissions: regions.flag.NoEnter
  • Note the permissions are case sensitive! "regions.flag.noenter" is not  the same as "regions.flag.NoEnter"! See RocketRegions page for how to write the flag names! 


Short tutorial:
  • Add permissions for all players in the Permissions.config.xml (See "Permissions" above)
  • Create a new region with /rcreate <region name> circle <radius>. A 100 radius would be about as big as Charlottetown.
  • Make the region buyable: /rflag <region name> buyable true
  • (optional) Set other flags for region (see examples below)
  • Now set the price you want to sell it for: /sellregion <price>
How to make that only owner can place stuff:
  • /rflag <region name> NoPlace true -g nonmembers
How to make that only owner can equip items:
  • /rflag <region name> NoEquip true -g nonmembers
How to make that only owner can use weapons:
  • /rflag <region name> NoEquipWeapon true -g nonmembers
How to make that only owner can enter region:
  • /rflag <region name> NoEnter true -g nonmembers
This product requires Rocket-Regions and Uconomy (or AviEconomy and UconomyToAviEconomy) to work.

Changelog (v1.1.3.0)

Add ImperialPluginsLoader

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