This plugin requires Advanced Regions


  • Have 2 or more teams fight each other
  • Capture regions! Each team has to capture as many regions as possible and needs to defend them (like CTF)!
  • If you don't like capturing, you can use it for TDM too
  • This gamemode is something similar to Battlefields "conquest" gamemode
  • Game restarts when a team captures all regions (configurable)
  • Rich config + translations, almost everything is configurable
  • Players are automatically put in the same Unturned ingame group if they are in the same team
  • Each team has its own permission group (e.g. for different kits)
  • Have team bases and a default spawn for new players (e.g. for lobby)
  • Players who die spawn in team base or a captured region (configurable)
  • Auto remove and unlock vehicles & barricades after x seconds (configurable)
  • Have permanent barricades which do not get auto deleted (e.g. for bases)
  • Players get rewarded for capturing or defending regions (configurable)
  • Players get bonus money if they kill an enemy while capturing or defending a region (configurable)
  • Players get money for each region they hold in a given period (e.g. 250 dollar for each hold region every 300 seconds) (configurable)
  • Fully supports static GUI (e.g. showing capture state etc) [needs workshop effects, effects are notshipped]
  • Disables friendly fire within teams
  • Fully translatable
  • Auto deletes dropped items (configurable)
  • Loadouts for teams (configurable)
  • Players can not go into enemy base, they will get damage every x seconds (configurable)
  • Integrates with Advanced Jobs for class support!
  • Integrates with Advanced Jobs for superior performance!
  • Integrates with Uconomy for paying out rewards


  • /addteamspawn : Adds a new team spawn from current position
  • /addregionspawn : Adds a new region spawn from current position
  • /team : Select a team
  • /defaultspawn: Set spawn point for players with no team
  • /forceteam : Set team of a player
  • /forcewin : Make the team win the game
  • /respawn: Respawn in team base or a random captured region
  • /spawn : Spawn in a captured region
  • /teammates: show players in your team
  • /setloadout : Sets your inventory as loadout for a team


This plugin adds two new flags:

  • capture (/rhelp capture), sets a region as capturable and configures it
  • baseregion (this flag can not be set manually and is set when using /addteamspawn)



  • Permissions are the same as commands, so permission for "/team" would be "team" etc

MySQL is optional (you can use it if you want to display current game status on your website, scripts for that are not shipped). []: []: []: []:

Changelog (v2.0.13)

  • Potential fix for not giving reward

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