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Price: $24.99

Supported payment methods: PayPal

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.



  • Have 2 or more teams fight each other
  • Capture regions! Each team has to capture as many regions as possible and needs to defend them! (configurable)
  • If you don't like capturing, you can use it for TDM too
  • This gamemode is something similiar to Battlefields "conquest" gamemode
  • Game restarts when a team captures all regions (configurable)
  • Rich config + translations, almost everything is configurable
  • Support for the new Unturned group system -> players are automatically put in the same group if they are in the same team. No need for players to disconnect, change team and reconnect anymore!
  • Each team has its own permission group (e.g. for different kits)
  • Have team bases and a default spawn for new players (e.g. for lobby) 
  • Players who die spawn in team base or a captured region (configurable)
  • Auto remove and unlock vehicles & barricades after x seconds (configurable)
  • Have permanent barricades which do not get auto deleted (e.g. for bases)
  • Players get rewarded for capturing or defending regions (configurable)
  • Players get bonus money if they kill an enemy while capturing or defending a region (configurable)
  • Players get money for each region they hold in a given period (e.g. 250 dollar for each hold region every 300 seconds) (configurable)
  • Fully supports static GUI (e.g. showing capture state etc) [needs workshop effects, effects are not shipped]
  • No friendly fire 
  • Fully translatable
  • Auto deletes dropped items (configurable)
  • Loadouts for teams  (configurable)
  • Players can not go into enemy base, they will get damage every x seconds  (configurable)
  • Integrates with JobsPlugin so you can have classes!


  • /team <team>: Select a team
  • /defaultspawn: Set spawn point for players with no team
  • /forceteam <player> <team>: Set team of a player
  • /forcewin <team>: Make the team win the game
  • /respawn: Respawn in team base or a random captured region
  • /spawn <name>: Spawn in a captured region 
  • /teammates: show players in your team
  • /setloadout <team>: Sets your inventory as loadout for a team


  • /rflag <region> tspawn: Sets your current position as team spawn for that region (use this on the team spawn regions defined in the config)
  • /rflag <region> capture <on/off>: Sets the given region as captureable
  • /rflag <region> capturereward <amount>: Sets the amount of money a player gets when capturing the given  region
  • /rflag <region> defendreward <amount>: Sets the amount of money a player gets when defending the given region
  • /rflag <region> holdreward <amount>: Sets the amount of money a player gets every x (defined in config) seconds for holding the given region 
  • /rflag <region> cgroup <name>: Sets the permission group the player gets assigned to when entering the region (e.g. for shop regions)
  • /rflag <region> cspawn <add/remove> <name>: Add / remove spaw point to a capture zone
  • /rflag <region> beacon: Sets your current position as beacon for effects



  • Permissions are the same as commands, so permission for "/team" would be "team" etc

Upcoming Features:

  • Automatic vehicle spawn in configurable positions
  • ???


This product requires Rocket-Regions and Uconomy  to work.

MySQL is optional (you can use it if you want to display current game status on your website, scripts for that are not shipped). 

Thanks to PandaHut, ColdFire,, Static from illMatik and Barz who helped in development and made it possible for me to sell this plugin!

Changelog for v1.9.3

Potential fix for bug when no one is left in a region while capturing